As businesses begin to realize that lockdown is for the long-term, they are assessing whether they have made the right kinds of tech choices. You would be har-dressed to find a business that admitted they got everything right. Millions Of business owners need to redesign their IT infrastructure, install new software, upgrade their hardware and get to grips with new services, to survive the transition to remote working. Thankfully, technology is so advanced and easy to use, that it wasn’t a big deal for most companies. Here is a list of the top tech keeping everyone rolling along.


Real-world mail problems

Since the pandemic, nobody has been able to receive their mail without risking their health. This has meant that real-world mail has been put on hold or just sent to the recipients as best it can be. However, a proper service that allows you the perks of a physical address to receive your mail is a good idea. The professionals that work here, will do the scanning in-house and not send your mail to a third party that could risk selling or leaking your documents. After they are scanned by the service, they will send you a copy and then destroy the mail if you want them to. The mail is sent to you via email so you get an authentic copy of the mail right away.

The IoT

The internet of things has rapidly become a big part of every business whether you are small or large. Everything is connected to everything, whether it be hardware or software. One Of the ways in which the IoT has advanced is to allow for business owners to know when a customer has left their basket with a product inside it and what their cookies are. This means you can see what kinds of searches they may have done as well as what things they have been looking at. You may give them a reminder if they have signed up with an account, and offer them a better deal than normal to get them through the door once more. Discounts, sales, and promotion codes are all on the list. The IoT allows for everything to be connected and thus, helps you to map out the journey of the customers. 

Zoom in for zoomers

Millennials workers have adapted very well to the now mass remote working culture. Everyone has gotten used to conference call software like Zoom. it’s been the number one driving force for communication among the elderly and the young, as grandparents and children can speak with each other all the time. But for business owners, Zoom has become invaluable. You can share lots of documents over Zoom, as well as videos and links to project folders in Google or Apple workstations. Not to mention it can host up to 100 people at a time. 

These three technologies have saved companies from going under as they have had to adapt very quickly to the new environment. But can you think of any more that we haven’t mentioned?

Are you thinking about making some new investments in your business model? If that’s the case, then you should definitely turn your attention towards technology. Here are some of the possibilities that you could explore which will strengthen your business model as a whole and improve your foothold on the market. 

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Renewable Power

One of the first options that you should definitely keep firmly in mind is renewable power. Ultimately, this is going to provide a lot of benefits for your business. First, there’s the obvious one. A renewable power source will guarantee that your business is going to save a lot more money and be more sustainable, particularly through the summer months. This equipment will pay for itself in just a few years so it’s definitely a solid investment. However, there are other benefits too. This tech is going to make your business seem a lot more modern and also help you show some skin.

It proves that you do care about more than just cutting costs and making profits. You are sending a strong message that you want to help save the planet too. If that’s not enough, there is a further benefit worth keeping in mind here too. 

This tech is now advanced enough that you can literally save any energy that your renewable power system produces. You can use it at a later date when you need it the most. Or, you can think about selling it on the market as another avenue for revenue. 

The cost of renewable energy options is going to differ. However, solar panels could be significantly less than most business owners expect, Particularly when you consider the subsidies that are available. 


In terms of marketing, there’s a lot of exciting tech on the market right now. However, some businesses are going to benefit from exploring the option of renewable power. It’s worth noting that while this won’t be a significant option for many businesses, it could definitely help in certain cases. For instance, if you want to help your clients or customers visualize something in the clearest way possible, VR could be key. 

VR is already used by some architects and real estate agents. It can be used to both show what a final home will look like and it can be suitable for working on a property, bringing it to fruition. Many architects have noted that this tech is groundbreaking in terms of what they can expect and how much it can speed up the process of working on a property and bringing a design to life. 

Call Handling 

In the past, call handling in a business would ultimately mean filling a room with a large group of employees to take calls. This wasn’t particularly effective for several reasons. First, the employees were reading a script which meant that the support they could provide to customers was limited at best. Second, it was incredibly costly leading to massive problems with efficiency in the business model as a whole. These days, tech is providing new answers for call handling that work brilliantly. 

First, you should think about call automation. A big benefit of call automation is that you won’t need to hire the massive team to handle your calls. Instead, you can use the software to deal with most queries. So, you can rely on a far tighter team for this area of your business. They’ll still provide the results that you need. 

You can also use advanced analytic software in this process as well. The right software will allow you to quickly check how your business is performing in terms of calls, typically for sales. When you view a source on this option, you’ll discover it could have huge benefits for your company. 

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Hybrids And EVs

When you set up your business, you always need to think about the best ways to increase interest from employees. It’s not just about getting the support of customers. This group matters too and that means that you should offer the best incentives. These days, you’ll be surprised by what could ultimately turn the heads of the best candidates to fill roles in your business. 

For instance, you can think about investing in a fleet of EVs. The best EVs are perfect for urban life and will once again provide massive savings, this time to your employees.


Finally, while not a brand new idea, you could also think about investing in tablets for your team members. This can be useful if you want to complete contactless payments. They are perfect for building up a flexible business team, particularly if they are constantly on the go. For instance, logistics companies could definitely use this tech to impress business owners. 

Tablets can be great in office environments too. As well as providing big ergonomic advantages, this tech is ideal if you have several tasks that you need to juggle at the same time. They are also far faster to load, compared with typical laptops on the market. This means that you won’t need to panic about having to worry about the wrong tech slowing you down. 

Or finally, you can abandon the calls altogether and instead focus on different options. For instance, you can think about investing in a live chat choice. Live chat software is now widely available on the market and will deliver the big results that you want. It’s actually widely favored by a vast majority of customers too. It has even been shown to increase lead generation and conversions, avoiding the issue of abandoned baskets almost completely. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways that you can use to improve your company using the latest tech. If you make the key investments, you could potentially beat out any competitors and provide yourself with the upper edge that you need on the market. Ultimately, the right tech could improve key performance measures such as efficiency and boost the perception that clients or customers have of your company. 

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