ZIDOO ANDROID TV BOXES SALES UP TO 70% 2Another excellent opportunity from Gearbest that in collaboration with Zidoo, one of the best brands in the Android TV Box department, in order to celebrate the 3rd year of their presence they offer a dozen of devices with great sales! The unique opportunity is the incredible sale of the Zidoo X7 Android TV Box, for just 2 units and from July 17-24 at 09:00 UTC for $3.33 (not a typo – it actually Three dollars and thirty-three cents!)!! If you are not so fast, you can always get it in a Flash Sale for $64.99 which is still a great price!


Also the Zidoo X8 Android TV Box is on the same promotion but only for 1 unit every day and this time at 13:00 UTC for $33.33. If also you didn’t make it on time (which honestly I think it should be very difficult) you can get it also on a Flash Sale for $99.99, excellent price as well considering that we are talking about a device that usually sales around $110-$120 when on sale.ZIDOO ANDROID TV BOXES SALES UP TO 70% 3

But the offers continue with even more Zidoo devices! The flagship Android TV Boxes by Zidoo, the Zidoo X9S and the Zidoo X10 are also on a sale for a limited amount of devices for $119.99 and $199.99 respectively. Both are amazing devices and will satisfy even the most demanding Android TV Box enthusiast.

Always on the same promo we find another very interesting product, always by Zidoo: the Eversolo White Noise Generator. It is an excellent device for anyone who has difficulty to concentrate or sleep due to the outside environmental noise. It is capable of blocking it by generating pre-recorded white noise clips. And of course and it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker as well, with the double speakers and the deep bass of high acoustic fidelity is perfect for high quality music!


The offers continue with the best and top selling remote controls, like the Rii i8+, the iPazzPort Mini Keyboard, the Viboton i8 Plus, the brand new H18 Wireless Touch Screen Air Mouse and the Zidoo V5 WiFi Air Mouse, Keyboard and Air Remote Control in low prices!

For more information and in order to buy the products in promo, visit:


The MINIX NEO A2 Lite, one of the best air mouse remotes / mouse / keyboards is on sale for just $24.90 / €22.73 / £20.31 and free world-wide shipping included! And of course it is not working only with the MINIX devices but any Android device as long as it has a USB port, since it is using a nano USB dongle to connect through WiFi 2.4Ghz to the device you attach it to. It even supports Windows, MacOS, Smart TV and Linux.

The MINIX NEO A2 Lite utilizes the latest six-axis gyroscope and accelerometer technology to give users total control of their devices. Just with a single movement you will be able to control the cursor on the monitor of your TV and select whatever you want. It is one of the most accurate and easy to use air remotes from one of the best brands in media streaming technologies. Can be used up to 10 meters of distance and it’s perfect whether you use it in your office computer or your media player in your living room. Read more


One of the best (and also my favorites remotes brands) is on sale over at Gearbest. The Rii i7 Remote Control and  Air Mouse, with the built-in gyroscope is selling for just $11.67 / €10.48 / £9.28. The Air Mouse / Remote supports all the major Operating Systems including Smart TV, TV BOX, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Windows. It has a wireless 2.4Ghz range of up to 10 meters and it supports plug n’ play. Simply plug the included USB nano receiver into your device and the remotes is instantly operational! Read more

My all-time preffered remote control, keyboard and mouse for Android TV / Smart TV / LibreElec / Linux / Windows HTPC has always been the Rii i8+. It has been copied from a lot of brands but the original is the best on the market. While it is still on sale, Rii has updated their best seller into a newer, updated version. Now has released the Rii i28 remote control / keyboard and mouse touchpad with a newer design, the same (if not even best) quality and functions!

1461117947889504 Read more

Looking for a nice, functional, easy to use Air Mouse, Remote and Keyboard but you don’t want to spend too much? Easy! With the 2.4Ghz Wireless Air Mouse, Keyboard & Remote Control, for just $9.22 / €8.29 / £7.24 you can save yourselves a lot of trouble and money too!


It is a wireless remote which you can use with almost any device: a PC (Windows & Linux), a Smart TV or a TV Box. Thanks to the plug and play function as soon as you plug the nano USB receiver you are ready to use it! It can be used as a mouse thanks to the gyroscope which make it practically an air mouse. As a keyboard, on the back side of the remote there is a fully functional and complete keyboard. An also as a remote control for your devices with the easy IR learning feature that can read and copy the main functions of another remote control! Read more

TeriosS3The Terios S3 is an excellent gamepad for any Android device from v3.2 up to Android Marshmallow v6: a TV Box, a Smartphone or even a Tablet. Can even be used with iOS devices as long as they are jailbreaked. It uses bluetooth v3.0 technology so is fully compatible with most devices out there, whether are new or a bit older. For the next days, the Terios S3 is on sale for just $8.95 / €8.05 / £7.03 and free world wide shipping!

If you are into gaming, whether you use an Android TV Box, a smartphone or just a tablet, this gamepad works perfectly for you. Has low latency for super fast performance, it pairs within seconds and comes with a rechargeable 500mah battery! The bluetooth connection guarantees wireless function up to 10 meters and the 14 action buttons full compatibility with all the games. Read more

af10601Flymote AF106 is an excellent remote control and air mouse with gyroscope that every smart TV should have! But not only since it’s also Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android compatible. In fact it’s the perfect solution for an Android TV Box in order to easily control it when looking through the menu, browsing the internet, watching a movie and controlling KODI. The ergonomic design makes it very comfortable in hand with a nice, steady grip.

The 6-axis gyroscope is very precise and just a few seconds of use is all it takes to make you familiar and use it with confidence; just point to the desired section of your screen and click to select. It can practically replace your remote control, mouse, keyboard or even wireless joystick. The Flymote AF106 use a 2.4GHz rapid wireless transmission with no delay and powerful interference resistance. Simply plug the included USB dongle and you are ready to go. Read more

F10Deluxe00One of the best remote controls for a Smart TV, Android TV Box, Smartphone, Windows, Linux and MacOS PC / Laptop / HTPC is the Mele F10 Deluxe that you can buy now on sale for just $20.51 / €18.66 / £16.31 and free world wide shipping. It has four main functions: Air mouse, Game Controller, Wireless Keyboard, and IR Learning (you can remote control another device, for example your TV). It is using a 2.4Ghz USB dongle in order to make a wireless connection with any device and no drivers are needed, everything works out of the box!

The Air Mouse function has an improved algorithm and supports 6-axis gyroscope so it is very precise and no calibration is needed. You just point and select anything on the screen. After just some seconds of using it you can get comfortable enough to think why isn’t that feature standard on any remote control…

The Wireless Keyboard is also very nice. Simply flip the device over and start typing. It has also three extra keys: a left & right mouse buttons and a game controller button. Great also the feature of having the arrows on the keyboard side, something you don’t always find on a wireless keyboard of this type of remotes. The only negative in my personal opinion is having the ESC and backspace buttons at the bottom but this something that you can get familiar with after some usage.

By pressing the Gaming Button on the Mele F10 Deluxe the device can be used like a Wii Remote or a tablet with the usage of the Gyroscope sensor as a steering wheel for racing games and similar use for other games like tennis games, etc. This is definitely a function which I look forward to test as I didn’t had the chance yet.

The IR Learning is also easy and very useful. In fact you can program the Mele F10 Deluxe in order to remote control another device like your TV or Amplifier. You can actually program any key of the keyboard and also a power button on the other side of the remote control, except Power, Game, My Box, STB and TV. This gives you an enormous number of different options in order to remote control anything you like!

The Mele F10 Deluxe has a built in battery of 500mAh which can be charged with the included micro USB cable as any other device. You can get it for just $20.51 / €18.66 / £16.31 with free world-wide shipping from: 


TK61702If you want the easiness and the freedom of a wireless air mouse, remote control and keyboard without excessive costs, the TK617 is an excellent solution. Build with nice materials (rubber & silicone) it has a very nice feeling and grip in hand and the functionality / easiness of use is on par to the top of the category. It’s nice to see such great devices on this price range!

With the integrated six axis gyroscope you have only to move the remote in order for the cursor on screen to follow your lead. On the front face of the TK617 you get all the essential commands of a remote control and as soon as you flip it, the back face is a fully functional keyboard! When flipped on the keyboard side, the remote is automatically locked so it will not interfere with your typing.

TK61701The TK617 is a wireless 2.4Ghz remote and in order to use it you have to plug the included USB dongle on your devices (Android TV Box, Computer, Smart TV) and game on! Fully plug n’ play, the USB dongle has a range of up to 15 meters. The device is powered by 2 X AAA batteries and has also an automatic sleep mode for 20 seconds of inaction for an effective battery saver.

You can get the TK617 wireless air mouse, remote control and keyboard for just $10.94 / €9.96 / £8.70 and free world wide shipping from:


GeneralModel: TK617
Type: Air Mouse
Features: Mini, Slim
Material: Rubber, Silicone
Color: Black
SpecificationsAxis: 6
Interface: Wireless
Connection: USB2.0
Receiver: With
Power Supply: AAA Battery
Dimension and WeightProduct Weight: 0.095 kg
Package Weight: 0.210 kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 16.5 x 5.4 x 1.8 cm / 6.5 x 2.1 x 0.7 inches
Package Size (L x W x H): 18 x 6 x 3 cm
Package ContentsPackage Contents: 1 x Air Mouse, 1 x USB Receiver

tk66802One of the easiest methods to control any device is an air mouse, that means you are pointing the remote towards the area you want to select! The TK668 Air Mouse is a very convenient and easy to use Air Mouse that by simply switching to the back side of it you will also find a very handful remote control!

The TK668 works with almost any device: Android,Linux,Mac OS,Windows and Smart TV. It uses a USB dongle and it is immediately working, no drivers needs what so ever, it even works in BIOS mode on any computer. The USB wireless dongle works at 2.4Ghz and has a range up to 10 meters so you can conveniently remote control your device from distance. In fact it is perfect for s Smart TV or an Android TV Box!

The keyboard side it’s activated only when you flip the remote so you will not have any accidents even if you strike a key by mistake when using just the remote control. You can also lock the Air function and use it as a traditional remote control simply with the touch of one key.

It has a rechargeable battery with a micro USB port so you can charge it with easiness even when you use it! The TK668 Air Mouse and Keyboard is now on sale for just $8.89 / €8.09 / £7.07, click here to get it:



GeneralModel: TK668
Type: Air Mouse
Features: Gaming,Mini,Rechargeable
Color: Black
Product DetailsSystem support: Android,Linux,Mac OS,Windows
Interface: Wireless
Connection: USB2.0
Range of Frequency: 2402-2483MHz
Operating voltage: 3.3-4.5 V
Operation Current: Less than 15 mA
Sleep Current: Less than 30 uA
Transmit Range: Up to 10 meters
Power Supply: Li-ion Battery
Suitable for: Andriod TV Box,Android TV,PC
Dimension and WeightProduct weight: 0.075 kg
Package weight: 0.146 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 16.00 x 4.80 x 1.40 cm / 6.3 x 1.89 x 0.55 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 17.70 x 5.80 x 3.00 cm / 6.97 x 2.28 x 1.18 inches
Package ContentsPackage Contents: 1 x TK668 2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Receiver, 1 x USB Cable