The Dimitrology TV Wizard is back online and it offers only the XXX KODI Adult Addon Pack. Current version is 1.6 and it is 60MB as a zipped file. It contains 28 KODI adult addons and as ironic as it may sound, it is totally legal. This is for now the only downloadable pack from the Dimitrology TV Wizard. Make sure to select “OVERWRITE” if you are adding more content into your build so you will not delete any existing addons.

The full list of the 28 XXX Adult KODI addons is:

  1. AznKodiAdult
  2. XXXTtreme 18+ ONLY
  3. AdultHideout
  4. After Hours with Moranable
  5. Best Porn Collection
  6. Chaturbate
  7. EFUKT
  8. Empflix
  9. Erotik (XXX)
  11. GayBoysTube
  12. Gaypornium
  13. Hotgoo
  14. JAVStream
  15. Just For Him
  16. Les-be-Firends
  17. Likuoo
  18. Lubetube (adult)
  19. Monkey Spank
  20. mPorn
  21. Tube8
  22. Ultimate Whitecream
  23. VideoDevil
  24. Wood Rocket
  25. XnXX
  26. XXX-O-DUS
  28. .FapZone


None of the builds are back and will not be in the future, as long as they may be considered grey area or illegal. You can get it from the Dimitrology TV Wizard:

Get all the working adult addons on KODI with a simple one-click wizard! With the Dimitrology TV Wizard you can install all the adult addons with all the corresponded repositories and simply add the content into your current KODI setup! Pay attention to SELECT OVERWRITE so you will not remove any of your content. After the installation of the ADULT ADDON PACK FOR KODI, your skin will be reset in order to activate the addons. If you have another skin install, simply enter inside settings, interface and select your previous skin. All the adult addons will inside your Video Addons section in KODI, no addon will be added into a menu!


The latest version of the Adult Pack is v1.5. Brings some new entries, by new developers: Moranable and Mr Skeletor! That brings the number of Adult Video Addons on KODI to 25 and 1 Picture Addon for a total of 26 XXX KODI Addons!

How to install the Adult Addon Pack for KODI:

1. On any KODI installation go under SYSTEM and select FILE MANAGER
2. Select ADD SOURCE
3. Click on NONE and enter and click on DONE
4. Select OK
5. Go to HOME
6. Select SYSTEM
7. Select ADDONS
9. Click on repo from the list and select
10. Wait for the notification that Dimitrology TV has been installed
11. Go to HOME
12. Select PROGRAMS
13. Open Dimitrology TV Wizard
14. Now select SETTINGS and enter the code which you can find at
15. Select INSTALL
16. Select Adult Addon Pack
17. Select OVERWRITE and wait for the installation to finish. —WITH OVERWRITE YOU WILL ADD CONTENT, IT WILL NOT ERASE ANYTHING!—
18. When asked to, select OK and the skin will reset to the default in order to enable the addons
19. If you had any skin (or Build) installed, simply go into settings, interface and select your previous skin. The addons will be not added into a menu, you can find them inside the Video Addons / Picture Addons category.


1. On a fresh installation of KODI (do always a Fresh Start before installing builds) go under SYSTEM and select FILE MANAGER from the submenu 2. Select ADD SOURCE 3. Click on NONE and enter and click on DONE 4. Select OK 5. Go to HOME 6. Select SYSTEM 7. Select ADDONS 8. Select INSTALL FROM ZIP 9. Click on repo from the list and select 10. Wait for the notification that Dimitrology TV has been installed 11. Go to HOME 12. Select PROGRAMS 1 BOOM SHAKALAKA BABY!!!


This can be easily the best KODI addon of the year 2017! Especially as an All In One addon is amazing! Everything’s working and working good! Amazing IPTV / Live TV section with some of the best working iptv apk and addons, lists, etc. Great Movies and TV Shows section as well. And the Not Sure Sports Center is also a fantastic section with great, fully working streams of sports, matches, sports tv and live ppv events!

Check it out already, the Not Sure KODI addon is a winner!!!

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The famous VideoDevil adult addon of KODI is actually an APK which comes also as a Premium Version with access to premium content like Brazzers, Bangbros, NaughtyAmerica and more. You can now install the Premium APK ad-free from the Android APK section.

The VideoDevil Android app gives you access to one of the most complete database of the adult industry with videos in various categories as well as to some of the most famous Channels / Websites of the sector. Read more

The Wildside for KODI is a great free IPTV KODI addon which I’ve tested for some days now and seems really solid and stable. Most probably it is a promo for a paid IPTV service but also the free addon is pretty good with some nice in quality and stable tv streams for kodi. The Wildside IPTV addon for KODI is a third party KODI addon, not in any way related to the official KODI team and KODI Addon Repository.

The Wildside addon is a free IPTV for KODI with Sports and Live Sport Channels, USA and UK Live TV and also Spanish Live TV. Some VOD section too with some movies and a TV Shows, apparently a test area with not that many stuff. Also there is a category with Adult live tv channels with ton of XXX content and also on demand, the parental password for this area is 1234.

For More: Read more

The White Devil Streams addon for kodi has just been updated and it’s better and bigger than ever! It is a collaboration of various kodi add-ons, some of which are really big, that create a huge and also very complete, all in one addon that delivers various content: movies, tv shows, 4K movies, new releases, ladies section, kids, iptv, music, documentaries, sports, live sports, anime, 24/7, 3d movies and a lot of more!

Some of the addons that take part in this addon are Brettus, Supremacy, BAMF, Coldkeys and more!

Read more

Stream Hub add-on for KODI How to install tutorial and review. Streamhub is an all in one add-on with movies, tv shows, kids, sports, live tv, anime, radio, 24/7 and even an adult section.

The iptv list is mostly from United Kingdom and for some links a VPN with UK ip is needed.

New URL for the Stream Hub Repository:

The password for the adult: saucy

The Stream Hub Kodi Add-on Group on Facebook:

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Best of KODI Krypton 17 Video Tutorials:
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The Stream Army Add-on for KODI has moved and in order to install it for the first time you need the new source and repository. The fantastic All In One KODI Addon (stream army) continues it’s amazing job by providing amazing content, now from TVAddons.

The Stream Army addon brings Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, Music, Kids, Virtual Reality and also an Adult section on your KODI device. This is a 3rd party addon created by Nemzzy and ManC.

For More: Read more

Stream Army KODI addon is a fresh new addon, ready for 2017 that brings the best of kodi! It is an all in one kodi add-on with 4K, 3D, 1080p and Virtual Reality VR content!

It also delivers the best of Live TV / IPTV for KODI with a lot of sources and Sports Channels / Sports TV and a Live Premier section as well!!!

Kids, Toddler and Baby section, Documentary and Music, Tv Shows, Comedy… You name and it’s here!!!

Also there is an adult, xxx section which can also be password protected with really great content (that’s what I heard, lol).

In conclusion, this is one of the most complete KODI Addons for 2016 / 2017 I have tried. Great work for the Stream Army KODI addon!!

You can find the StreamArmy kodi addon on: Read more

One Wizard, One Click, Tons Of XXL On KODI. The title is self explanatory :)

Fists of Fury addon on KODI.

One Wizard One Click Tons Of XXX Adult On KODI

For more instructions join my YouTube channel Dimitrology:

Get the wizard from the Repository