Skip 1s – a new (old) way to control Kodi

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Image of Flirc's Skip 1s remote, sitting on its box, in front of an open laptop.

This is perhaps a little short notice, but Jason from Flirc – a long-time friend of Kodi – is hosting an ask-me-anything on Cordcutters on 9th November 2022. We just wanted to let you know, and give him the chance to say a few words about what’s going on.

I originally made Flirc, my first product, because I was frustrated that I couldn’t use our same television remote control with Kodi. That worked really well for a long time, but, as the years passed, and our Kodi boxes evolved, I became increasingly irritated with the growing number of remote controls and the state of universal remotes. I thought I could do it better.

My vision for our first remote always favored a Kodi-esque environment – so much so that half our team now is comprised of Kodi leaders. Nate Thomas, who helped lead Kodi’s growth, and Sam Fisher, an integral part of visual design and Kodi animations, joined me on what would be a three year journey.

The Skip 1s Universal Remote is our first remote built on a strong foundation with big future plans. We plan on having tight integration with Kodi and custom products as we continue our journey. But Flirc wouldn’t exist if not for the Kodi community and their support.

So I’ll be hosting an AMA on cordcutters. Please stop by and ask me anything, or leave a question. Feel free to ask me anything about the remote, future plans, or my personal journey with cancer that lead me to start Flirc. I’ll try and answer everyone.

Wednesday, November 9th: 10 AM PT, 1PM ET, 18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET, 23:30 IST, 05:00 AEDT.

Ask me anything!

– Jason

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