NOX Android Emulator For MacOS

NOX is the best Android Emulator hands down for MacOS! It offers great compatibility, excellent performance and the best stability out there. And did I mention that is also free? Yeah, NOX Emulator is 100% free.

There is also a Windows version too, click here to download NOX for Windows.

Happy Chick Emulator

Happy Chick is a retro game emulator for Android devices! It can be installed on any Android device like a TV Box or a smartphone, tablet. You can select among different gaming consoles and also has a huge library of working roms. As rom is intended a game. Most old consoles games are considered abandoned-ware but with this amazing emulator can be restored back to life and play them on your modern device. Happy Chick emulates more than 18 gaming systems all in one app, just for reference some of the included emulators are FAB/MAME/MAMEPLUS,PS,PSP,FC(NES),SFC(SNEC),GBA,GBC,MD,NDS,DC,NGP,WS(WSC),PCE, ONS… and more!

You can watch my review and tutorial on how to install the Happy Chick Emulator on any Android device here:

Size: 56.5MB
Version: v1.7.9

Droid Buddy 2.0 is maybe the best apk you can find for an Android device! It is a collection of the best streaming apps, adult content, ROM emulators and games, music apk and more! For support and more info (even requests) visit the official sites of DaButcher, Kodi Custom Builds and the creator’s Kobra Custom Builds Youtube Channel.

Size: 50MB
Version: v2.0.0