Dimi Left YouTube? NO WAY!!! Let's Go Live With Dimi 05 I have been away for more than a month now from Youtube but thankfully for a good reason! Join the live chat with Dimi / Dimitrology. This is episode number 5 and we are going to talk about the future of the Dimitrology Channel, […]

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‘YouTube Content-ID Abusers Could Face Millions of Dollars in Damages’

With over 20 million subscribers of its main channel and over 30 million over its entire network, WatchMojo is one of the largest players on YouTube. The Montreal-based video production company has been around for well over a decade and continues…

Lumen Database Restricts Access to DMCA Notices But Plans to Expand

With millions of takedown notices hitting Internet platforms and hosts every single week, content can often go inexplicably missing from sites and search engine indexes. Thanks to projects like Google’s Transparency report, however,…

Fancy a Job in Covert Anti-Piracy? Only Experts Need Apply

With a huge emphasis placed on the unlicensed distribution of music through platforms like YouTube, one might think that enforcement against other sources has taken a bit of a back seat.However, traditional anti-piracy investigations…
Beelink GT-King Android Tv 9 Box

BEELINK GT-KING TV Box - The Most Powerful On Launch Sale!

The most powerful TV Box in the market right now is the brand-new Beelink GT-King, driven by the latest Hexa-core CPU by Amlogic, the S922X. And in order to promote the new listing, Gearbest is offering the first 100 devices on a super-deal…

Cox Will Share Names of ‘Pirating’ Business Subscribers With Record Labels

Last summer, Cox ended its piracy liability lawsuit with music company BMG, agreeing to a “substantial settlement.” That didn’t mean an end to the ISP’s legal trouble though. Cox remains caught up in another lawsuit filed…

Ukraine Cyberpolice Raid Pirate Sites, Detain Government Employee

During April the Ukrainian government announced the launch of “Operation Pirates”, an anti-piracy initiative aimed at tackling the rising threat of online piracy.“We must learn how to respect intellectual works, because at first…