HUAWEI HONOR BAND 4 Review – Better than Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Huawei Honor Band 4 Coupon DMHBand4 (10 OFF): The Huawei Honor Band 4 is the best fitness tracker wristband in the market right now! Unlike the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, comes with an AMOLED display, Touch Capacitive and is way easier to […]

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DuckDuckGo Removes ‘Pirate’ Site Bangs to Avoid Liability

First launched just a decade ago, search engine DuckDuckGo is a goto tool for Internet users who value their privacy. Unlike many competitors, the site doesn’t keep a record of users’ IP addresses or other sensitive information.…
Beelink GT1 Mini

Beelink GT1 Mini 4GB/64GB Android 8.1 Flash Sale

Beelink GT1 Mini 4GB/64GB Android 8.1 Flash Sale The brand-new Beelink GT1 Mini Android 8.1 TV Box is on a limited flash sale over at Gearbest for just 200 devices. The offer has already begun and it's a success since we have to do with a…

8 smartphones exceed the SAR value limit!

What is SAR? Before we talk about the 8 smartphones that exceed the SAR value limit, let's see (or remember) exactly what a SAR value is. The SAR value is the specific absorption rate of radiation from human tissue and, to put it simply, is…

‘Movie Piracy Brings in Millions of Extra Revenue Through Promotion’

Statistics are great. As long as you have enough data points, you can ‘win’ virtually any argument by citing only those that support your claim. This technique is used everywhere, also in debates about copyright, especially when…

EU Warehouse $10 OFF Every $100 On TV Box!

EU Warehouse Deals If you are looking to buy bulk and want an extra discount, now this is a great chance. And what is even better is that the offer stands for the European Warehouse of GeekBuying which means faster shipping and no import taxes…

Director Shares Movie on Torrent Site Before ‘Official’ Release

Hollywood frequently stresses that piracy not only hurts the major studios, but also smaller independent productions. While that may be true, for many independent artists obscurity is actually a bigger problem than piracy. This idea is also…