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Current Status – Last Updated, Monday 01 May 2023

  • Forum, Wiki and Paste sites are now all active.
  • Systems have been rebuilt from scratch with new images, software and patches.
  • All users will need to reset their passwords before they can log in.
  • Forum registration is now open for new users.

Known issues

  • Fixed: We identified a login bug in the forum software which we’ve fixed and are reporting to the authors. The resolution may require some users to reset their passwords again.
  • Fixed: There was an initial problem with registration of new accounts on the forum after we re-enabled registrations. This has now been resolved.
  • Open: MyAlerts/Pings were not available because there’s no supported plugin to provide this functionality. We believe that we’ve found a fix, though, so will let you know soon.
  • Open: Some users are having issues with unexpected logouts. Monitoring to understand.
  • No further action: We do not have, nor do we plan on implementing, Tapatalk integration.

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