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A common question I get is if KODI, Streaming and TV Boxes are legal. Also, with the rumors getting everyday more numerous and also with the latest stunt by KODI the topic became more popular than ever. Are KODI, Streaming and TV Boxes related to online piracy? Let’s talk about it…

Kodi created a blacklist of addons and as a result made them more popular. Also kept throwing gas on fire by making more and more articles, most of them directed to the press, about piracy and 3rd party addons, youtube tutorials and blogs. And that may seem innocent but before the so-called “Call to action, War against 3rd party addons, youtubers and blogs” we had none or almost media coverage. Now it’s everywhere and they also try to call attention about the subject even with their latest prank on their website where they were supposedly seized by US government agencies.

Also within the community a lot of youtubers, bloggers or just enthusiasts continue spreading the rumors some out of ignorance and others just for publicity.

Using a TV Box (Smart Box) will not get you in trouble and a lot of box sellers are following the law and do not sell devices with direct access to copyrighted material.

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