IMPORTANT: Kodi Forum – Data Breach

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An anonymous, hooded figure stares out from the screen, his face hidden in darkness. Zeroes and ones - binary - flood everywhere.

In the last 24 hours we became aware of a dump of the Kodi user forum (MyBB) software being advertised for sale on internet forums. This post confirms that a breach has taken place.

MyBB admin logs show the account of a trusted but currently inactive member of the forum admin team was used to access the web-based MyBB admin console twice: on 16 February and again on 21 February. The account was used to create database backups which were then downloaded and deleted. It also downloaded existing nightly full-backups of the database. The account owner has confirmed they did not access the admin console to perform these actions.

The admin team have disabled the account used in the breach and have conducted an initial review of team infrastructure the team member had access to.

The nightly full backups that were downloaded expose all public forum posts, all team forum posts, all messages sent through the user-to-user messaging system, and user data including forum username, email address used for notifications, and an encrypted (hashed and salted) password generated by the MyBB (v1.8.27) software. At the current time, we have found no evidence of unauthorised access to the underlying server that hosts the MyBB software.

Although MyBB stores passwords in an encrypted format we must assume all passwords are compromised. This requires actions from the team, and forum users:

  • The admin team are investigating how best to perform a global password reset and how best to assure the integrity of the server host and associated software. The forum server has been taken offline while this activity completes. This will also impact the Kodi pastebin and wiki sites. There is currently no time estimate for the forum server being online again; our focus is being thorough, not being quick.
  • Users must assume their Kodi forum credentials and any private data shared with other users through the user-to-user messaging system is compromised. If you have used the same username and password on any other site, you should follow the password reset/change procedure for that site. Once the Kodi forum comes back online we will provide instructions on how to complete a reset of your Kodi forum password.

We will post more information as it becomes available.

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