How to install Watch Cartoon Online on KODI, Best Anime, Cartoon & Animated Movies Addon (3rd party)

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Watch Cartoon Online is one of the best if not the absolute best Cartoon, Anime and Animated Movie add-on on KODI! It has original version with subtitles but also with dubbed audio so you can easily watch your preferred Anime or Cartoon. Other than the best of Anime, it has also an epic list with tons of Cartoons but also Animated Movies!
The speed and the video is quality is excellent and that completes the overall fantastic experience.
You can get the addon from Spoyser XBMC Addon Repository: https://github.com/spoyser/spoyser-repo/tree/master/zips/repository.spoyser

Install instructions:

  1. Download from https://github.com/spoyser/spoyser-repo/tree/master/zips/repository.spoyser the latest version of the Spoyser Repository and save to your local drive
  2. Now open KODI
  3. Select SYSTEM
  4. Select ADDONS
  6. Select the zip file you just downloaded
  7. Once it’s install, from the same screen select INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY
  8. Select Spoysers XBMC Addons
  9. Select VIDEO ADD-ONS
  10. Select the Watch Cartoon Online Addon

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Watch Cartoon Online Addon on your device!
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