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Tutorial on How To Install SchismTV Builds on KODI 17 Krypton, updated version of February 2017! Schism-TV KODI Builds are now part of the project and with joined forces it should be easier to maintain the builds!

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  1. Nishant Jha
    Nishant Jha says:

    Hi, Thanks a ton for keeping schism builds alive!
    But I am having some trouble with installation. My download of the schism TV build gets stuck at 100% every time. I’ve tried all I could think of. Is it possible for me to get a direct link of the zip file to install the build from? Thanks in advance.

  2. filoistron
    filoistron says:

    Hi! I am new to kodi and trying to install schism by following an online guide! When i try to add source and type the dimitrology code it says that i cannot connect to the directory! What am i doing wrong???

  3. Rickard Wendt
    Rickard Wendt says:

    Hi, I am a fan of Kodi since many years and found Kodiflix some weeks ago. I started to make a fresh clean
    and then upload my favorite apps. One thing I can not get right is the Menu. I can not make submenus like
    in other skins. I use Retrospect app for play TV and would like to make a submenu with all the chanels. I tried
    to put the chanel links to a widget but this looks od to me. Would be better to put the chanels under a submenu.
    Any suggestion how to solve this?

    Best regards

    Rickard in Sweden

  4. Ane
    Ane says:

    I followed your instructions and found them easy, though fast. I was successful on one fire stick but moved location with another fire stick got it loaded but all I get STREAM NOT AVAILABLE, but everything else on the fire stick works. Where have I gone wrong


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