How To Change DNS on a MacOS device like Macbook iMac Mac Mini

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How To Change DNS on a MacOS device like Macbook iMac Mac Mini

In this video, we will explore in detail how to change the DNS settings on your MacBook running the MacOS Ventura 13 operating system on WiFi or on an Ethernet connection. Changing DNS on your MacBook is a necessary task to improve the speed of your internet connection, bypass ISP blocks, and enhance online security.

Changing the DNS Server on MacBook: The Comprehensive Guide

DNS (Domain Name Server) is the mechanism that translates domain names into IP addresses, allowing you to access websites on the internet. Usually, changing the DNS server can improve website loading speed, bypass provider blocks, and enhance online security.

Here’s how to do it:

Open “System Settings” on your MacBook.
Click on “Network” and select “Details” in your active connection.
In the left tab, click on “DNS,” then click the “+” icon and enter your preferred DNS which you can also find below.
Click “OK” to save the changes.
Repeat these steps to optimize your internet connection. Don’t forget to restart your browser after making the settings.

Why is it important?

Changing DNS can improve website loading speed, online security, and connection stability. This video provides detailed information to ensure you complete the process successfully.

Watch this video for clear and precise instructions on how to make this change on your Mac. Enjoy the immediate benefits of a faster and more secure connection!

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Google DNS:

Cloudflare DNS:

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How To Change DNS on a MacOS device like Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini, or any MacOS device!

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