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Gearbest.com the Asian direct competitor of Amazon.com get’s 3 years old! In order to celebrate accordingly it offers thousands of products on sale! The sales extend in every single one category, from Home & Garden to Apparel and of course into Electronics and Computers departments as well. In these 3 years the HK based super-store brings the best prices available since they are able to make deals directly with the manufacturers / factories that eliminate the re-sellers. Inside the super-store you will find thousands of genuine products and some of the most known brands in China which is a huge market but now all known to the western world, at least not yet. Of course there are also low quality products as in any store but that’s why I do research before recommending a product, in order to give you the best possible for your spend money.

The 3rd Anniversary brings great buying opportunities! There are products with more that 70% sale currently on their store and products that literally sell for $0.99. On the main anniversary page you will find more on these that do not appear in the $0.99 category: http://www.gearbest.com/m-promotion-active-283.html?lkid=10569015

On of the best selling brands is without doubt Xiaomi, a high quality brand will already low prices that is hard to find outside China. On Gearbest you will find almost all the products, from the highly respected smartphones (I also use one at the moment) to their Xiaomi Eco-system with Apparel and Intelligent Home Appliances. And of course, for the lovers of streaming you will find one of the best Android TV Boxes available in the international version, the Xiaomi Mi TV on a flash sale!

At the end of the page celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of the super-store you will also find the links for the offers of the local warehouse of your region US, EU and as well the local pages for Russian, Espagnol and Italian as well.

The offers are way too many for an article to cover. The best possible way to discover them is to visit the link http://www.gearbest.com/m-promotion-active-283.html and discover them yourselves since there are literally thousands of them. So buy smart, buy cheaper and have fun!

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