Review and how to replace your HDD with an SSD like the best value for money ADDLINK S10 SSD. With a low cost you can easily upgrade your system for top performance!

Not only affordable SSD but also very performing, the Addlink S10 has top performance. Sequential read speeds reach of up to 540MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 460MB/s. The Addlink S10 supports TRIM command and EEC (Enhanced Error Correction) on all OS platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.

It is thinner than the usual SSD with just 7mm as opposed to the common 9mm so it comes also with a very useful 2.5″ adapter which I used also in my project. I installed the Addlink S10 SSD into an older but still good portable computer and just with this simple upgrade, the device became fast and very responsive!

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The MINIX NEO A2 Lite, one of the best air mouse remotes / mouse / keyboards is on sale for just $24.90 / €22.73 / £20.31 and free world-wide shipping included! And of course it is not working only with the MINIX devices but any Android device as long as it has a USB port, since it is using a nano USB dongle to connect through WiFi 2.4Ghz to the device you attach it to. It even supports Windows, MacOS, Smart TV and Linux.

The MINIX NEO A2 Lite utilizes the latest six-axis gyroscope and accelerometer technology to give users total control of their devices. Just with a single movement you will be able to control the cursor on the monitor of your TV and select whatever you want. It is one of the most accurate and easy to use air remotes from one of the best brands in media streaming technologies. Can be used up to 10 meters of distance and it’s perfect whether you use it in your office computer or your media player in your living room. Read more

If you are looking for a very good Windows 10 Mini PC on a tight budget, grab the opportunity to get the latest Beelink, AP42 for the lowest price online by using the coupon GBAP42 for a final price of just $179.99 and free world-wide shipping included! Read more

Easy tutorial on how to run multiple kodi builds on a windows computer or usb stick with different setups on every KODI instance! Practically you can clone the KODI application and install various addons on each KODI clone!

All the KODI clones are also portable so you can install them on a USB stick and take it with you, with one or several KODI clones! It runs on any Windows device!

For More:

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Looking for a great upgrade for your Desktop PC or your Laptop? Or maybe for a super fast Hard Disk used as an external with a case enclosure to store movies and/or games and apps for a streaming device? The KingDian S280 is on a special sale by using the coupon ValentineKD but only for the first 100 pieces! So hurry up in order to get it because this offer will not last for long! In order to insert the coupon and get the discount just add the device in your cart and then apply the discount code!

The use of an SSD increases dramatically the performance of your device, whether is a desktop computer or a laptop. Also when storing files, the read / write speed is way faster compared to a Hard Disk Drive. The KingDian S280 reaches sequential data read and write performance up to 559.7MB/s and 380.5MB/s. It is fully compliant with SATA revision 3.1 and also with the older SATA 1.5 / 3.0 interface so you can practically connect it to any device!  Read more

SPMC is the best Android Fork of KODI! It is developed by Koying which was also the main KODI Android developer back on the days when KODI on Android was flawless.

SPMC on Android devices is running better than the KODI apk, especially if you are using an NVIDIA Shield TV, an Android with an Amlogic CPU or an Amazon device.

Now you can also install SPMC on Windows and in this brief tutorial I walk you through the entire process! Read more


If you are looking for a really powerful Android TV Box or for an HTPC/Mini PC there is a special offer on an excellent device! By using the coupon GBCWH the Chuwi HiBox Android & Windows dual boot OS has an even lower price for just $129.99 / €117.73 / £104.21! You can easily select on which OS you want to boot, Windows 10 or Android 5.1 when powering your device. The Intel Atom x5-Z8350 quad-core CPU gives amazing results on Android and still is powerful enough to handle Windows 10 in any task you want. You will not be able to play Crysis in 4K on Windows but for your everyday use, media player-streaming purposes is more than great! Read more

The advances of technology never cease to impress us! The K8 Mini Pc is a perfect example of innovation and thinking out of the box. The top side of the Windows 10 Mini Pc is actually a capacitive touch panel, a touchpad in other words just like one from a notebook, only that is better than most since it is biiger and also is a 10 point capacitive touch panel! Also on the other side, a foldable keyboard is attached to the K8 and not only works great but you can fold it around the Mini Pc when you want it to take it with you. It becomes so small that you can carry it easily in the pocket of your jacket!


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vpnIf you are looking for a VPN service, this is the best time of the year to get one! With IP Vanish you can get 50% discount for any purchase! That means you will pay:

  • $5.00 (from $10.00) for 1 month subscription,
  • $39.00 (from $77.99) for a year service and
  • $13.50 (from $26.99) for a 3 month service!

Visit the link IP Vanish Shopsecure and you automatically get a 50% discount on your purchase.


Using IP Vanish as a VPN service is very important for various reasons:

Most importantly, for your privacy

When using a VPN service, the VPN provider creates a sense of a tunnel between you and the internet. All your data pass through that tunnel and the internet or even your ISP cannot track you. They will not have access on your IP number, just the IP number of the VPN server you are connected to. IP Vanish provides very secure servers so they backtracing will stop there, on their servers and also they do not keep logs. No connections is being logged and therefor, even when asked they cannot provide anything! Forget having the anxiety of someone knocking one day your door and asking why did you download that mp3 or movie. Also, you can go back and use p2p programs, such as torrents with no risk of getting your internet connection blocked!why-ipvanish Read more