Live Sports, Pakistani, Indian & Punjabi Live Channels from ZemTV in KODI/XBMC

ZemTV is an Pakistani, Indian and Punjabi live channels IPTV add-on and also has many streams of international Live Sports and Sports TV mostly in english and spanish like ESPN, FOX SPORTS, NHL, NBA, NFL Network and more. Even if you are not interested in the TV Channels is always a great add-on for backup in the sports categories.
Download the Shani repository and install as .zip from here: https://offshoregit.com/Shani-08/


The Best Anime, Cartoon and Asian Drama Addons For KODI/XBMC

These three different but also very similar add-ons provide the best content for Anime, Cartoon and Asian Drama mostly at Full HD 1080p quality! They are called KissAnime, KissCartoon and KissAsian respectively and you can get them from the Highway Repo.
The Metalkettle Repo: http://kodi.metalkettle.co


i4ATV Stalker Clone 9.0.3 Updated Premium IPTV Addon on KODI/XBMC

i4ATV Stalker Clone Premium IPTV Addon for KODI/XBMC has been updated into version 9.0.3 ans is working very well! The trick is that at times gives authorization failed errors but no worries, just try again 1 or even 2 times and the channel will start playing normally.
If you already have the application but has not been updated, you need to remove the previous version and install the newest one. The url to add is: http://i4atv.cu.ma/i4a-repo/

Install instructions:

  1. Go to System and select from the submenu FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter http://i4atv.cu.ma/i4a-repo/
  4. Click Done and then OK
  5. Go to HOME once again and select SYSTEM
  7. Select i4a-repo
  8. Donwload the repository.i4atv-repo-9.1.0.zip
  9. As soon as the repository has been refreshed select INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY
  10. Select I4A-REPO
  11. Select VIDEO ADDONS
  12. Select I4ATV and hit on INSTALL (it should be version 9.0.3)
  13. As soon as the add-on is enables, go to HOME and select VIDEO ADDONS
  14. Select i4ATV and if you get Authorization Error no worries, just click and try again!

Ares Wizard easiest way to install Builds, Addons, Repositories and Tweaks in KODI

Ares Wizard is the easiest way to install many custom builds, the best video and program addons and most of the repositories in KODI. The layout is very easy to navigate and in order to install anything you just have to do as much as two clicks. The rest is automatic and you can manage your KODI with ease!

To install the wizard just add the following source: http://www.areswizard.co.uk/zip/


SchismTV Build for KODI, classy and most complete build 2015

SchismTV Build is a fresh, beautiful and classy build that comes heavily loaded with a ton of add-ons. It’s very complete but also a bit big for low capacity devices. Nevertheless this build will change your KODI experience and if you don’t mind never using the mouse, you will love it.
It’s a complete family build with all the bells and whistles: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, IPTV, Docs, Kids, Music, Streaming and more!
To download the wizard add the following link as source into KODI http://schismtv.pcriot.com/repo/


The Awesome Wookie Build For KODI/XBMC Updated!

The awesome Wookie Build for KODI/XBMC has been updated and it’s still super-fast, super-complete and fully working!
The easiest way to install the wizard is by getting it from the SuperRepo Repository: http://srp.nu
When asked for username and password just enter:
username: free
password: 1234


TBE TK BUILD V25 Update of this awesome, clean, family build for KODI

TBE TK has just been updated from V4 to V25!! Somethning like the update of Windows 7 into 10 with a lot more steps fast-forwarded! The Build was fully working and fast before so TonyK had only to add some more add-ons to make it perfect. Fully working sections of Movies, TV Shows, IPTV, UK TV, Live Sports, Sport Highlights, Fitness and more into a fast build highly loaded with add-ons!
To download the build you can get the TBE Wizard from the Metal Kettle Repository: http://kodi.metalkettle.co


Top Genesis Hacks: Favorites, Library, Downloads, Hosts, Autoplay & Subs

This is my list with the fixes for the most common problems in Genesis and also some tips on how to make the Genesis experience better and easier!


Crumplestein Update: Blazing Fast, Beautiful & Complete Build For KODI

Crumplestein Build has been updated and it’s… WOW!!! Blazingly fast, small sized, very beautiful and most importantly complete with fully working add-ons. Comes only with add-ons that you most surely gonna use but if you want to load it even more it’s very easily customizable. You can install it from a firestick or a crappy tvbox to the nvidia shield or your high end computer!
You can download the wizard by adding the following source: http://crumplestien.net/crumplestienwizard/
Also, follow Nathan @ https://twitter.com/nathancrumpler1


How To Install Rlseries video addon for TV Shows on KODI/XBMC

Rlseries is a video addon from the Entertainment Repository that has just been released by which you can watch all the tv shows from the rlseries website. It includes all the latest tv shows and selecting a shows is very easy.
In order to download the Entertainment Repository click on the following link: http://entertainmentrepo.weebly.com/