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The best KODI 16 build Boom Shakalaka v7.5

Also for KODI Jarvis 16.x the best KODI Build now just got better! The Boom Shakalaka KODI Build for KODI 16 has been updated and it’s ooooh-la-la… amazing! For the first time we got two new categories in the main menu. First is Fitness and second addition is Stand Up. So more Fit and Happy, you can also check the new addons that the builds bring. Also for the first time, we have removed Exodus from default player for Movies, TV Shows and Kids. Now Covenant, the Exodus Fork, is the default addon. But we also added the DuckPool addon so you can select among them, Elysium, Salts, Specto as well.

Since the build comes with 2 Exodus Addons (Covenant is an Exodus fork) got also bigger. So be warned, you need a good device with decent internal storage. The build’s size is 486MB for the XXX version and 471MB for the classic version. We have included the best of KODI addons and 3rd party as well.

Changelog for the Boom Shakalaka KODI 16 Build v7.5:

-Added Covenant, DuckPool, Kidz, KongKinds, Not Sure, Ares Comedy, Ares Fitness, cCloud TV, Fire Fitness, IPTV Bonanza, SuperEliteTV, USA Today, Xibalba Documentaries, Kidz, KongKids

– Fixed SportsDevil (the “official” version is back and updated)

– Fixed SkyNet

– Colossus Repo, Xibalba, KingKong, Duckpool and more repositories

– New Fitness Category

– New Stand Up Category

For now Exodus is still inside the build as is SALTS. In the following updates if no dev takes them seriously they will be removed. Both versions updated today are for KODI 16.x (classic version and XXX version). The KODI 16 version of the build is the same as the KODI 17 version. It is also compatible with FTMC and the SPMC versions that still use the KODI Jarvis skins.

Boom Shakalaka KODI Build

How to install the Boom Shakalaka Build on KODI

As always you can install the Boom Shakalaka KODI Build from the Dimitrology TV Wizard. You can find it on the Dimitrology Repository: https://www.dimitrology.com/repo

Leave comments below and even requests. Happy streaming and Boom Shakalaka!!!

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27 replies
  1. Saul
    Saul says:

    Dimi , iam unable to install your build shakalaka babe . When i try to input your current code from your web site 0n my firestick it gives me error message ” code not valid “, can you elaborate ?

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Dimi you are incredible, thank you for being there. I’m new at commenting so please forgive me if I ask questions the wrong way. Which build do you recommend for old TV boxes (Android 4.2.2)? If this is not correct, please tell me how to ask this question.


  3. Gordy
    Gordy says:

    Hi, the old 16 version seem to be working but the 17 versions timeout when you try to install them. Any ideas? Just having a ball tonight so looks like my bad luck is contagious.

  4. Phorm
    Phorm says:

    Hi. Installed the Boom Shakalaka build on Kodi 17.4 (non XXX version), loved the extra addons and the whole skin (to date, been running standard Confluence skin, even when upgraded from v16.1, just so I know my way around). Working great, thanks Dimitri. But, wanted to add a couple of add-ons (eg. the XBMC TV Catchup AU), and could not find the standard menu items to add or remove addons (ie from repository or zip). So, uninstalled, and then added content only, to keep Confluence skin. Ugly, I know. Am I missing something? (be nice, forumers)


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