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Black Friday Deals – Survivor’s Guide!

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Want to survive through the myriad of Black Friday deals? Dimitrology has you covered!

Amazon US Black Friday Deals

The 2016 Roku Stick is just $34.99 on Amazon starting now through Black Friday.

The Roku 32″ TCL TV will be just $125 for the 2915 model.


The Amazon Fire TV 2 with 4K is selling for just $74.99 and next day delivery!

The new Fire TV Stick 2 with Alexa Voice Remote is at $29.99 with Monday delivery!

The Amazon Echo is getting a -$40 discount for a $139.99.

The Logitech c920 webcam, the one I also use, is on a more than half price sale for just $49.99.

If you are into eBooks, the Kindle E-Reader sells for only $49.99.

You can save $150 on the Sennheiser HD 598 Cs which are sold for just $99.95 and next day delivery!

Echo Dot 2nd Generation is at 20% off for $39.99.

You can save $40 on the Amazon Tap for $89.99.

One of the best sales of this Black Friday, the Fire 7″ Tablet 8Gb version just for $33.33 and the 16Gb version just for $53.33!!

The all new, Fire HD 8 is also on sale for $59.99


Gearbest Black Friday Deals

The Beelink GT1 Android 6 TV Box 16Gb version is on sale for just $53.99!

The Mini M8S II is selling only for $34.99 meanwhile the Nexsmart D32 only for $21.99.

Great opportunity also for the Sunvell T95Z for just $54.99!!!

One of the best Smartphones of Year 2016, the OnePlus 3 will be on a Black Friday big sale for just $438.99 while the also very nice and much cheaper ASUS ZenFon 2 will be selling for just $149.99!

Lastly, but not leastly the fantastic Xiaomi Mi5S Plus will be sold for just $449.99! And this one I think I’m gonna get it!


That’s the most interesting deals right now for this Friday! But also you may try to find something really interesting that I missed, please let me know. We may help others as well :)


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