Best Laser Measuring Tool by MVPower up to 100m!

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Excellent for the professional or home DIY projects!

-robust, high build quality & materials
-excellent accuracy
-has a bubble leveler
-1/4″ tripod thread socket
-LCD backlight which can be turned on/off
-calculates distance, area, volumeand even pythagorean theorem
-battery indicator
-carrying pouch
-well written user manual in english
-impressive 100M range
-nothing I could find actually

Buy on Amazon:

This professional meter laser gadget can measure distance, area and volume accurately, quickly and conveniently. It has a wide measuring range 100m (328ft) and particularly high accuracy ±2mm. In addition, this meter can make use of Pythagorean Theorem to measure distances or lengths indirectly when direct measurement is not feasible.

This meter also has various functions including continuous measurement,addition/subtraction function and Max/Min measurement. Other main features are including 100 data memories, switchable units (meter, inch &feet) & backlight LCD with multi-line display. The bubbles level equipped can be used as a spirit level tool.

Measuring range: 100m (328ft)
Accuracy: ±2mm (±0.08 inch)
Laser class: Class II
Laser type: 635nm, 1mW
Data record: 100 records
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C (32 ~ 104 °F)
Store temperature: -20 ~ 60 °C (-4 ~ 140 °F)
Auto power off: after 150 secs
Auto cut off laser: after 30 secs
Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (Included)
Battery life: up to 3000 measurements

In the box:
1 x Laser Distance Meter
1 x Pouch
1 x Holding Rope
2 x 1.5V AAA Battery
1 x Instruction manual

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