Arnu Box Mach 10 Pure Linux International Giveaway!

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You have to be subscribed on my channel in order to partecipate!

For more info on the BOX, click here for my review.

Arnu Box Mach 10 Pure Linux International Giveaway

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  1. Mark Rivera
    Mark Rivera says:

    Dimitri. I am subscribed as GenreOnline on YouTube. But the entry asked for my full name so I posted Mark Rivera. I also posted on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you.

  2. Christophe
    Christophe says:

    boom boom boom, here we go, dimitrology continue your great work, love your reviews and your comments in online shows from husham and soulless

  3. Kevin Woolford
    Kevin Woolford says:

    Thank you Dimitrology. Since subscribing to your channel, you have made my Kodi experience 1000x better. Your videos truly are the best. Keep up the amazing work.


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