Android TV Privacy Setting: Turn It Off NOW!

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Android TV Privacy Setting: Turn It Off NOW!

This is the first setting on your Android TV you should turn off as soon as you can in order to protect your privacy and stop companies stop selling your data.

A very few people know that almost any Smart TV and streaming device is collecting data and sells it. On the case of Smart TVs they use ACR (automatic content recognition) so they can listen and see what is playing on your screen. The total number of ACR-enabled smart TVs in the market is unclear, but as of past October, Vizio alone had more than 18 million ACR-enabled smart TVs in the market.

How to Disable Usage and Diagnostics

On an Android TV or even a Google TV they usually use a different method and thankfully we can do something about it. By going into Settings – Usage and Diagnostics we can disable data and usage collection and reporting.

Have another email as username on your device

I also highly recommend you use a different account just for your appliances of even entertainment devices. Making a new Gmail account is free and easy!

Use a VPN

And of course, if you really appreciate your privacy, make sure to always use a reliable VPN like Ivacy. You can get it through an affiliate link and by doing so you help my channel and you get an incredible offer for just $1.19 / month if you get the 5 years deal:

Consumer Reports Article

More on how the industry is spying on us:

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