48hr Shopping Spree 11.11 Promotion 1

Starting today and for the next 48hours, an amazing promotion with a lot of price drops is happening over to GeekBuying celebrating the 11.11 Shopping Spree promotion! And if you participate on the daily check-in promotion, now it is the time to cash-in. You can use those coupon for the next 48 hours.

For the next 48 hours GeekBuying is offering the lowest prices for different products. The flash sales are automatically updated every 8 hours so in case you haven’t found what you were looking for, do not discourage. Keep visiting the 11.11 Shopping Spree promotion for amazingly low offers!

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48hr Shopping Spree 11.11 Promotion 2

Just for an example, for the Nubia Z17 when using the dedicated coupon you will get a 10 OFF and from $139.00 you will only pay $129.99.

But not only, also the TOP 10 for Best Selling products is still online and offers the most wanted products for super-low prices. This section includes products from every category of the GeekBuying super-store so you will find a little bit of everything: smartphones, Mini Pc, TV Boxes, Notebooks, Wearables, IoT and a lot more! And on the same table you can select the TOP 10 Price Drops for the best super-deals every 8 hours! Visit the following link in order to check them out: https://goo.gl/HSh14D

48hr Shopping Spree 11.11 Promotion 3

Some special coupons also to be shared with our viewers, so pick them now at a best price:

For example, $152.99 after coupon: 05GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$393.99 after coupon: 06GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$92.99 after coupon: 04GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$374.99 after coupon: 06GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$82.99 after coupon: 04GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$374.99 after coupon: 06GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$809.99 after coupon: 07GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$43.99 after coupon: 03GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$480.99 after coupon: 06GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$44.99 after coupon: 03GEEKBUY [will end on November 12th]


$6.99 after coupon: FNGEENWATCH [will end on November 12th]


$23.99 after coupon: NBYRMIVX [will end on November 12th]


$59.99 after coupon: VZEAPZOF


$69.99 after coupon: JHJEBDNF


$56.99 after coupon: MRXQRWGX



$52.99 after coupon: ZWKNNCLN 


And lastly but not leastly, the Gift Rain Promotion where you can win a Xiaomi Mix 2S just by sharing the link, it’s so easy as that and… Good luck to everyone!

48hr Shopping Spree 11.11 Promotion 4

For a lot more products on sale and information visit the following link of the dedicated promotion: https://goo.gl/HSh14D

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