SchismTV Elite WizardSchismTV Builds can no longer be found on the ARES Wizard. Due to other builders copying and pasting his builds, he decided to go private, that means in a new server, repository and own website where you can still download your preferred build: Alaska, Atlantis, Origins, Moonshine, Family TV, Serenity.

All you have to do is create an account, free account let’s be clear, by using your email and a username and then you can install the SchismTV Elite Wizard which will allow you to download whichever build you prefer!

He also created a very nice forum so he can provide support directly on each Build. The forum has also other sections like addons, skins for personal use and some other interesting sections like devices and so on.

The new wizard is using username & password but the account is free and the process very easy to signup! It’s just a matter of seconds. In the forum you can also find a video guide which can guide you through the process. is preparing a video review of the new procedure as well. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!!!

The SchisM-TV URL is

Schism TV is an excellent KODI Build for all the family members. Come complete with the best add-ons for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV – IPTV, Sports and Live Sports, Music, Kids and Animated as well as Documentaries. Also included a customized and skinned version of iVue TV Guide!
The easiest way to install the build is by using the ARES Wizard, just remember to do a full wipe as shown in the video just to be sure that the install will not fail.
The source for ARES Wizard:

Install instructions:

  1. Select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter and click DONE
  4. Enter the name ARES and click on OK
  5. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  6. Select ADDONS
  8. Select the red icon labeled ARES
  9. Select the
  10. Once it is installed go to HOME
  12. Select ARES Wizard
  13. Select MORE
  15. Select YES on the pop up windows
  16. Open KODI and enter PROGRAMS again
  17. Select ARES WIZARD
  18. Select the Browse Builds
  19. Select the Schism TV Build from the drop down list
  20. Click on Install at the right part of the list
  21. Wait for the wizard to download and extract the build
  22. When finished click on OK and unplug the external device from power or click OK if on windows.
  23. Restart KODI and have fun with your new BUILD!

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