In a new promotion from Gearbest called Blockbuster Tech, the first 5 Android TV Box of each day at exactly 10:00 UTC will be sold for just $9.99! Starting today, in the promo page we find tens of devices on sale with the main attraction to be the device on top, which for the first 5 units will be sold for $9.99! Today for example, the Sunvell R69 for the first 5 orders will be sold for just $9.99, a device that normally costs $27.37 and on a flash sale for $23.99, a great bargain right? Everyday a new Android TV Box will be sold for $9.99 so make sure to visit the page daily from May 8th to May 13th, in order to find out the super sale of the day for $9.99. Read more

That was no typo, Happy Easter To Everybunny (lol!) is the event by Gearbest in order to celebrate Easter with all it’s customers by offering… guess what, 7 days of egg-cellent sales!!! And in fact through the hundred sales that keep changing all the time, you can find gadgets and devices across all the categories of the online superstore. In the smartphone department we have maybe the best offers of the moment. You can buy a Xiaomi Redmi 4A for just $119.99 or the Xiaomi Mi 5S for just $279.99.

If you are into computers and networking, no worries. The MXIII GII, one of the most loved Android TV Boxes now in the new and powerful version of Android 6 is selling for the next 4 days just for $61.99 and the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 1167Mbps with Dual BAnd WiFi 2.4GHz 5GHz Dual Band a/c for an incredible price of $28.89. Also the very good Motospeed K87S Mechanical Keyboard with blue switch, perfect for any serious gamers comes for just $48.99. And that is just a preview of today’s sales since every day new sales are being added and no coupon is necessary! Low prices for each category you select. Read more

Great initiative on running at the moment! They have a TV Box sales with some of the best seller’s and new upcoming TV Box for Android, Windows and more! If you are looking for the right moment to invest into a new Smart Box, now it’s the time!

The new arrivals, that is the latest TV Box in the market right now are also on sale! Just use the coupon GBCNA just after you add the device in your shopping cart and you will benefit from an extra discount! In this category you will find some of the best streaming devices available like the Beelink GT1 Ultimate with 3GB of RAM and the best SoC by Amlogic, the Yundoo Y8 with 4GB of RAM and the brand-new SoC by Rockchip RK3399 and the Beelink SEA I TV Box with 2GB of RAM and the Realtek 1295 Quad Core CPU.

But the sales do not end only on the high-end devices mentioned above on this Epic TV Box sale. You can also get other great Android TV Box for great performance and top ratio price / performance like the YOKA TV KB2, the Beelink GT1 and Mini MXIII-II, the Xiaomi Mi TV, the Minix NEO U1, the Mini M8S II, the NEXBOX A95X and a lot more!

Also you will find some of the best Mini PC if you prefer Windows instead of Android so you can also catch-up with your productivity other than KODI and gaming. Excellent solutions like the Mini PC by VOYO for tiop performance, the HIGOLE mini PC / tablets, the Beelink BT7 Mini PC or the awesome dual boot Chuwi HiBox that comes with Android 5.1 and Windows 10 are just some of the great devices that are currently on this epic tv box sale.

For more info and in order to get advantage of this amazing event: