The Sanctuary addon is now best than ever! I never reviewed this addon before because it was an ok addon but nothing too special. Until now… Now it has some new additions like Jokers TV that now is called Maverick TV, Oblivion IPTV, Pyramid, Origin, Tigen’s (Lily Sports), Brettus Anime, The Apprentice and Pandora’s Box! What to say? Boom Shakalaka Baby!!!
Now it has anything you might expect from a KODI addon!! Well, almost everything since we don’t have porn (!) :P Read more

Alpha Addon KODI, is an amazing all in one addon for KODI that got updated and now has even more fantastic sections! It practically has everything, Movies, IPTV, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, VOD, Music, Documentaries and a lot of more content.
We revisit the best sections from each playlister so you have an idea on what’s best for it since it is a very big addon that has a lot of categories and may be difficult sometimes to find exactly what you need. Read more