the crew kodi addon install

The Crew KODI Addon The Crew KODI addon is a third party addon for KODI that delivers a ton of high quality links. Not only movies and tv shows but in my opinion the best part is the IPTV / Live TV section with live tv channels all over the world! But The Crew has […]

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Lateralus KODI Build by Schism, perfect for Firestick and not only!

Schism created yet another build this time based on the Hybrid skin which modded and of course this one is very light-weight even though it's complete with a lot of addons for the best in Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Docs, Music, Sports, Live TV…

Watch Movies in FULL HD 1080p on KODI

A new movies addon by MetalKettle with movies at FULL HD 1080p quality. The streams are reasonable fast amd although you can find also lower quality streams, mostly there will be at 1080p. Very easy to navigate through the various categories,…

The New Beast Encore KODI Build 2016 by ChrisB, Review and how to install!

This is the latest version of the Beast Encore by ChrisB, the 2016 version based on the Hybrid skin with all the goodies that the guru selected and mixed for an awesome, small sized & light-weight build that can be installed on any device,…

Install Aeuko Facelift KODI Build Now! + Hidden XXX Adult Section

Aeuko Facelift is the updated version of the original Aeuko Build for KODI that was already a great build but in this update is more beautiful, more complete and comes bundled also with a hidden adult section as well. Also has only the greatest…

How to install the Eminence Build an excellent fully working family build on KODI

Eminence is a new build, created with a lot of selected addons that will fulfill your KODI experience for every family member! It comes with the most complete Sports section, a massive IPTV category, excellent Movies and TV Shows categories…

Crumplestien KODI Build v2016, a great clean build for all devices

Crumplestien Build for KODI is a great clean build for all types of devices, from your Firestick to your high end computer! As always, Nathan, kept things really clean and used only a few but also the best addons for his build, which can used…