Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Honest Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Honest Review One Month Later !!! This is my Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Honest Review after a month using it as my daily drive. A lot of positives but also some negatives for one of the best selling smartphones by Xiaomi that […]

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The Beast Encore 2 Build for KODI / XBMC faster than ever!

There are 2 main versions of The Beast. The standard one is the most complete but also a bit heavy so if you are on an a device that struggles, the Encore is best for you!ChrisB Wizard: http://chrisbwizard.uk/repo/ or in alternative: http://spartanpixel.net/repo/

Up and running!

This is the first -historical- post in this new space. After hundreds of thousands of millions (...) of demands, I decided to make my own web space so we can interact in yet another form! Cause you know, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest…

Top & complete build for KODI/XBMC Andys v7 by KodiMaster

Andy aka Kodimaster, has done it again! His awesome Andys Build has been updated into version 7 and is an absolutely fantastic family build with Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids, Sports, Live TV (IPTV), Music, News, Stand up Comedy and…

The all new CCloudTV for KODI / XBMC and how to install it

CCloudTV has been released once again for KODI / XBMC and it's better than ever! With many HD Streams from all over the world, this first release satisfies the need of an excellent IPTV add-on. PodGod Repository: http://www.offshoregit.com/podgod/repo/zips/repository.podgod/

Crumplestien Build a very light and beautiful build for KODI / XBMC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wotlveYN2rI Crumplestein Build for KODI / XBMC is a very light, high quality and eye-candy build which performs excellent also on tv-box since the dev selected a few but from the best add-ons. It's not really…

Review & How To Install Movie Hut Add-On For KODI / XBMC

A freshly released movie addon from the metalkettle repository has come out, it's called Movie Hut. Metalkettle Repository: http://kodi.metalkettle.co