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https://i.ytimg.com/vi/bNJuoaCEezA/hqdefault.jpg Free iptv apk brings live tv on any Android and FireTV / Firestick device. In this tutorial and review Dimitrology explains how to install the Free IPTV apk on Android devices and then reviews the best sections of the APK. I love the Sports categories, they bring a lot of good streams with Live […]

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Review and How to install the Soulless Media Center 2.0 Adults & Kids Build

If you are a parent, and want two separate builds one for the adults and one for your kids, this is the perfect solution. With a simple login at the start you can have the best of both worlds: Kids of Adults! This is an excellent media center…

How to install cCloud TV free IPTV addon for XBMC 2016 update

The cCloud TV free IPTV addon for XBMC has been updated and comes loaded with even more Live TV Channels than before, 24/7, Movies and TV Shows. You can get the addon from the Podgod Repository by installing the following source: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag/Install…

Watch Movies and TV Shows in HD with Mucky Ducks 123 Movies & TV Shows updated 2016

Mucky Duck brings happiness on our screens with the latest update of 123 Movies addon which also has now HD TV SHOWS as well! Top quality and also very fast streams that give you the sensation that the stream is a local file! One click to…

Recommended TV Boxes

A lot of people keep asking me which is the best TV Box or what TV Box should they buy. Well the answer to that question is not that easy because everyone has different needs and also different price range. So let's try to put an order into…

Get The Most Out Of SALTS, More & Better Results, Stream All The Sources 2016

SALTS or Stream All The Sources is one of the best addons for Movies and TV Shows but a lot of people are complaining that it doesn't work for them. In this video we cover some little tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of…

How to install EXODUS by Lambda on KODI - The successor of GENESIS - 2016

Exodus add-on released by the man himself, Lambda and TV Addons Fusion Repository is the real successor of the GENESIS add-on. The look is a little different with a new skin, the functionality though is the same-old-perfect of the Genesis…