Inside 4ndroid & Neo Underground have released an all new IPTV Stalker Clone on KODI / SPMC! As always using the addon isn’t pain free but it works and it is free!
The usual user interface with all the channels from USA, Latino, UK and World TV in a nice quality and very stable streams!
You can get the addon from the Underground Repository: (Download it and install as .zip)
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I am not the developer, just making the videos

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10 replies
  1. abcdq
    abcdq says:

    Got it to work miraculously in morning by making a favorites list but now getting streaming error every channel everytime, so maybe too busy in afternoon hours or no longer works. Also getting press back and login when reentering addon. So not worth the trouble….just pay for stalker $9/mo, $26/3mo, or $80/year for complete reliability.

  2. king
    king says:

    I need to warn people about the new addon called Neo Tv … this addon is created by the same person who created ia4tv .. anyone remember that addon ? was free and asked for donations and then asked for yearly membership payments then disappeared .. so use it for free but do not give any money. this is why they want you to pay by bitcoin and not paypal as with paypal you can get your money back when you realise it’s a scam ..


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