How To Watch NBA Playoffs Restart Without Cable

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Watch NBA Playoffs Restart 2019-2020

The NBA restart officially begins on Thursday, July 30 with two games on TNT. First, we have Jazz vs. Pelicans at 6:30 p.m. ET followed by Clippers vs. Lakers at 9:00 p.m. ET. The NBA playoffs begin on August 17 and the NBA 2019-2020 Finals on September 30. You can see the complete schedules for each team’s seeding games here.

The NBA Playoffs Restart Networks

The vast majority of the NBA seeding games will be on ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV. According to the schedule, a small handful of them will not be nationally televised and will instead air on local affiliates, as they use to do under normal circumstances. Of course, the easiest way for most people to watch those games will be via NBA League Pass. At the moment, you can pay $28.99 for access to out-of-market games that aren’t nationally televised. On the same link, you can also subscribe to just NBA TV for $6.99 per month, if you want. People living outside the US can watch every game from season restart through Playoffs and Finals for €21.99 (price in Europe).

Watch NBA Playoffs Restart Networks

The Most Complete

Back to the US and for the national games that make up the majority of the seeding and the entirety of the playoff schedules, you’ll need one of two things: A cable login or a subscription to a streaming alternative that has ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV. YouTube TV is going to provide the best value on its own since for $65 per month gets you all four of those networks.

If You Want Save More Money

If you decide to go with another service in order to Watch NBA Playoffs Restart, you’ll have to make compromises. Hulu with Live TV is probably the second-best option at $55 per month, as it gives you everything except NBA TV. You can though complete the servicet with the previously mentioned NBA TV subscription for $6.99 per month. Then comes Sling Orange which is just $20 per month (discounted from $30) and gets you everything but ABC, so you will lose some games. Finally, fuboTV will give you NBA TV with its $55 per month standard package plus the $6.99 per month “Extra” add-on package. But it actually doesn’t have ESPN and ABC as of right now. Supposedly it is getting both of those in “early August” as they stated. Also no TNT on fuboTV, unfortunately so that’s that.

NBA Playoffs Restart 2020

The Alternatives

Feels like playing Tetris in order to watch NBA Playoffs Restart without Cable? It’s difficult and costly to watch these games for sure. And perhaps this is also a reason so many people lately are looking for IPTV services that will offer not only a discount but also complete alternatives.

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