Jsergio released a fork YIFI HD addon version 1.6.5 of the original created by lambda that works perfectly and with no block from most internet service providers. Search function works again also!

Download version 1.6.5 from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/upffw36bl0zjzld/plugin.video.yifymovies.hd-1.6.5.zip

Other great addons for KODI / XBMC:
Genesis – https://youtu.be/AcRIqyXwkyE
Top 7 Addons from MetalKettle REPO: https://youtu.be/nAQbJKrtZzI
Robinhood IPTV: https://youtu.be/rQE2x4ssfm8
Popcorn Time – https://youtu.be/ZB_tTKgaITI
ZEUS – https://youtu.be/XmhG18RR-2I

TOP 5 Repositories for KODI / XBMC:

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Channel Pear is a a collaborative, cloud-based media platform that enables you to discover, share, and watch live content from around the world and with Podgod’s addon we can watch these TV Channels and Sport Channels on KODI.

Download the Podgod repository from here:

More about Channel Pear:

Grazie a questo addon è possibile guardare tutti i programmi mediaset dal vostro KODI mediacenter. Video on demand italiano su windows, macos, linux, ios, android, TV Box, Pi, etc. Inotlre potete guardare la TV dal vivo, Live Mediaset TV Channels: Italia 1, Canale 5, Rete, ecc in qualità HD!

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9huzi8wdeb14uc3/plugin.video.videomediaset.zip aggiornato il 20/04/2016
Oppure scaricatelo da https://www.dimitrology.com/repo/
Addon developer: aracnoz – *phate89
Canali Italiani Live Mediaset in HD, RAI, Cielo, LA7 e piu di 150 canali italiani: https://youtu.be/-GDgs2AbPR4

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These are the TOP 5 essential repos for KODI / XBMC that everyone should have and know about:

1. XUnityTalk Repo – http://xfinity.xunitytalk.com
2. Super Repo – http://srp.nu
3. Fusion Repo – http://fusion.tvaddons.ag
4. MetalKettle Repo – http://kodi.metalkettle.co
5. Muckys Duck Repo – http://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml

Zeus Video Addon for Kodi / XBMC is easily the most complete addon as it features an incredible selection of Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live Streaming TV from the US and Worlwide, Kids and more!!! Be sure to get it!!

Zeus Video Repo: http://zeusrepo.com/zeus/

Two excellent KODI / XBMC video addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Documentary, Fitness and Music Video & Radio.

The MD repository: http://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml

Install & review of the Movies RX+ video addon for KODI. Download and install it from xunitytalk repository: http://www.xunitytalk.com/xfinity

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How to install 9Gag tv video addon and a first look at the best web television for viral videos!

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A very simplistic yet awesome video addon by The Yid, One Click Watch for Kodi. Watch in the easiest way, the latest movies and tv shows in Kodi / XBMC. The Yid’s repository is provided since he decided to remove his addons from the major repos.

The Yid’s repo: http://theyidsrepo.x10host.com/
Tommy TheYid: https://twitter.com/theyid009

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A tutorial (How to) and review of the simplest way to install a preconfigured version of KODI with 30 of the best addons already installed. Addons like Genesis, 1Channel, Project Free TV, Phoenix, Navi-X and more!

To download TVMC
Windows: http://www.tvaddons.ag/tvmc-windows/
Mac: http://www.tvaddons.ag/tvmc-mac/
Android: http://www.tvaddons.ag/tvmc-android/