ChrisB released a new version of his Beast Builds for KODI/XBMC called the Beast TV. It’s a smaller sized build with all the great addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV & IPTV, Sports and Sports Live, Kids and some useful wizards like ARES Wizard.
You can download the BEAST TV through the ChrisB Wizard, as always, just select Beast TV from the Builds screen:

Targetin1080p in his debut as a build creator for KODI delivered a complete, fast, very beautiful and one of the most easy to navigate through builds for KODI / XBMC.
Clean and complete, without tons of bloats, is compartmentalized in a very smart way directly into the most useful sections.
The build is lightweight and relatively small in size but for those on firestick there is also a dedicated build.
The XXX adult section you can also disable it or just hide it from the home menu.
You can install it using the wizard by Dicko. The source to add:

Extrinsic is the main Build of the Xenoskin Wizard created by Johnny Machine. It is a family build with beautiful, futuristic look and animations in the background. The add-ons are complete: Movies, Tv Shows, IPTV with i4ATV & iVue TV Guide preconfigured, Kids, Women and Documentary sections as well.

The Xenoskin Wizard comes also with various builds: The Amber Skin made for ease of use but has all the addons as the Extrinsic Build.
Fuel is a version of Amber with car pics, and a “Garage” section for Car based movies, Youtube Channels, etc.
Ex-Lite is just a non animated version of Extrinsic for Fire Sticks and low powered devices.
There is also an Adult Addon package which has Video Devil and Ultimate WhiteCream.

Simply by going into Xenoskin Wizard you can check for a new version of the build and updat easily.
Xenoskin credit goes to Apollocosmic.

You can download the Wizard from Dropbox:

Working IPTV? Check!
Working Movies? Check!
Working TV Shows? Check!
Working Sports & Live Sports? Check!
Small size & working with all devices? Check!
Best build of 2015? Possibly!
Royalist Premium Source:
Royalist Facebook Group:
Tech Timeruuu Channel:
TT Website

The Metal Machine Build is the latest build by Dicko The Geordie, one of the best skinners/builders in the Kodi Community. It’s a light weight, fast and very compact family build with all the essential addons for IPTV, Movies, TV Shows, Sports and Music. Also comes with his awesome wizard from which not only you can select between other themes but also do maintenance on your system!
Follow Dicko @ Twitter:
Subscribe to his channel:

XBMC Fully Loaded Build for KODI is a family build with a lot of fully working addons. Beautiful, simple and very fast interface based on the Helix Mod, is also recommended for tv boxes as well. I really liked this build and that’s why I wanted to share it.
The source to add is OR if the Repo is down, get the wizard from here:

Husham is one of the major contributors on the KODI/XBMC community and his build could not have passed unobserved. The install process is very easy with the dedicated wizard and the build is blazing fast and one of the most complete builds I have ever experienced!
The source to add into file manager:
Husham channel:
Husham website:

SchismTV Build is a fresh, beautiful and classy build that comes heavily loaded with a ton of add-ons. It’s very complete but also a bit big for low capacity devices. Nevertheless this build will change your KODI experience and if you don’t mind never using the mouse, you will love it.
It’s a complete family build with all the bells and whistles: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, IPTV, Docs, Kids, Music, Streaming and more!
To download the wizard add the following link as source into KODI

The awesome Wookie Build for KODI/XBMC has been updated and it’s still super-fast, super-complete and fully working!
The easiest way to install the wizard is by getting it from the SuperRepo Repository:
When asked for username and password just enter:
username: free
password: 1234

TBE TK has just been updated from V4 to V25!! Somethning like the update of Windows 7 into 10 with a lot more steps fast-forwarded! The Build was fully working and fast before so TonyK had only to add some more add-ons to make it perfect. Fully working sections of Movies, TV Shows, IPTV, UK TV, Live Sports, Sport Highlights, Fitness and more into a fast build highly loaded with add-ons!
To download the build you can get the TBE Wizard from the Metal Kettle Repository: