GitHub watchers among you will have noticed new branches labelled Allwinner, Amlogic and Rockchip being added to our repo. Here’s a high-level explanation of what’s going on: Extending Kodi to support new SoC/GPU devices requires new code interfaces. In the past each new silicon vendor required their own interface which multiplied Kodi complexity. It became clear this approach was not sustainable so Kodi’s architects called a halt to new interfaces unless open and broadly supported standards were used. This has caused the ‘Kodi on Linux’ hardware scene to be static for some time. On Android ‘mediacodec’ and ‘audiotrack’ evolved into...

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    Hi my name is Fred and I love your downloads I just downloaded your last to my Amazon fire stick but what I would like to know is with all these downloads can I add the adult channels because I tried to do it and when I added the adult channels it took everything else out so now all I have as yet don’t channels and I had to revert and just download the other program so how do I go about adding the adult channels to everything else I have on my build.

    • dimitrology
      dimitrology says:

      If you mean the adult pack from my wizard, then you need to select OVERWRITE and when it finishes, after it resets the skin to the default, go into Settings, Interface and select the Skin you had before. The adult addons if you want them in a category you will need to add it yourself


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