Dimi Left YouTube? NO WAY!!! Let's Go Live With Dimi 05 I have been away for more than a month now from Youtube but thankfully for a good reason! Join the live chat with Dimi / Dimitrology. This is episode number 5 and we are going to talk about the future of the Dimitrology Channel, […]

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Just Six Percent of Finns Say They Illegally Stream Movies or TV Shows

Trying to persuade the public to consume content online legally is a battle that’s been waged by the entertainment industries for close to 20 years. The advent of high-quality legal offers has made that task much easier in recent…

Sky Streaming Service Uses ‘Pirate’ Subtitles on Chernobyl Episode (updated)

Every day, millions of people enjoy fan-made subtitles. These files help foreigners to better understand English entertainment and provide the hearing impaired with a way to comprehend audio. The subtitles are often used in combination with…

‘Copyright Troll’ Lawyer Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

In an effort to turn piracy into profit, copyright holders have chased alleged BitTorrent pirates through courts all over the world. This so-called ‘copyright troll’ model was also adopted by the firm Prenda Law. However, the…

BREIN Criticizes Bullet-Proof Hosts, Forces Pirate Webcasters to Get Licenses

While millions of the world’s pirates are focused on sites offering movies, TV shows, music, videogames and software, many are enjoying unlicensed content without even knowing it. There are tens of thousands of radio stations…

Red-Hot Vetements Fashion Brand is Selling an $845 Pirate Bay Hoodie

The Pirate Bay is the most recognized pirate site on the Internet. It has endured the roughest of high seas for more than 15 years and is still going strong. The site’s logo, pictured right, has been published on thousands of…

Fragmented Streaming Landscape Keeps Piracy Relevant, Research Suggests

There is little doubt that, for many people, streaming services have become the standard for watching movies and TV-shows. This is no surprise, since subscription-based streaming services are among the best and most convenient alternatives…