Using a lot of different devices around the house I test a ton of different keyboard & mouse combo. One of my preferred is the E-BLUE K825 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse which has a super low price but it is made of high quality.

I also find it very elegant, the variation I selected is the white/gold:

Even though there is also a black/blue model: Read more

measy02The Measy GP800 remote, wireless mouse and keyboard, is actually like a Rii i8+ if you place it upside-down! And also as the exceptional Rii i8+ which I love, is a great device as well. The ergonomics make it also very functional, easy to use and with a great feeling to the hand. An just like the Rii i8+ has top building quality and back-lighting feature, the whole keyboard lights and it’s a great thing to have when watching a movie or in any dark occasion. Read more

mouse03This is not an offer, it’s a gift!!! You can now buy a very nice 2.4Ghz wireless optical mouse with 6 buttons and up to 2400 DPI for as low as $3.51/€3.16/£2.71 and free world wide shipping! At this price range maybe it sound ridiculous to give the technical specifications of the mouse. But it’s NOT! This is indeed an excellent mouse, works great and it is very precise, has a good feeling to the hand though it is somehow light (not for hardcore gamers even though it is advertised as a gaming mouse tbh) and the ergonomics of the device are great. Read more

vibotons103Mini Wireless keyboards are becoming popular since they are very useful on almost any device; Smart TV, Smartphones, Computers and especially in an Android TV Box. That is exactly the case of the Viboton S1 Mini Keyboard with Touchpad which is an excellent solution that uses the 2.4Ghz WiFi connection to control your device with a range up to 10 meters. Really nice the construction quality with some nice touches like the non-slip design on the sides for a steady grip. It is a plug n’ play device so no drivers are needed. Read more