TVZion Has Been Shut Down

TVZion app has been shut down by the developer and the application is no longer working. Also if you visit the official website for the streaming application you will ve redirected to a Pastebin post. In the post the developer of the TVZion application with a brief message sents his goodbye to his community. The link to the Pastebin post can be found here:

Hi everyone.

Looking at the recent events, to protect the moderators, I have decided to shut down the app.

ZC members, thank you for your continued support all this time and I am truly sorry if I have let you down.

But we need to protect the moderators that have provided this community so much support selflessly for absolutely nothing in return and at least as the developer it is now my duty to return the favor and ensure their well being.

It has been such a pleasure to have you all as a community but it is time for me say good bye.

What has happened

Following the recent news that several moderators of the team behind TVZion app have been reportedly served with cease-and-desist notices by the global anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the developer has now decided to terminate the application. Just a few days ago, the same developer insisted that he was unaware of all that had happened to the moderators of the application and that TVZion was gonna continue as normal. But looking back, it all seems that this was not the truth.

The cease-and-desist notice that the moderators received stated that “Within ten (10) days of the Effective Date [REDACTED] shall transfer the domains,,, and, and all trademarks related to the Infringing Service, to the Rightsholders at no cost, and shall execute whatever documents and take whatever actions are necessary to effect the transfer”. And guess what, it has been exactly 10 days and the app is no longer working as well as the official website has been also taken down.

TVZion has been shut down

Taking it a step further

TVZion was one of the best alternatives of Terrarium app that was also shut down in the past. But the developer of TVZion has taken a step further creating a paid subscription called “TVZion Club” offering better streaming experience and unlimited access to practically …everything. That didn’t pass unnoticed by the big studios and the rest is now history.

For someone that is a member of this community this is no news. Streaming apps come and go and as always, for one app that is taken down, more follow.

What TVZion shut down means for a user

From a user prespective there is no reason to be worried. Usually in these cases no users are prosecuted. And in being honest, there must be millions of users just for this app. That practically makes it impossible for anyone to prosecute a simple user. But as always with third party applications and streaming applications we always suggest that users use a VPN in order to protect themselves. You should always protect your online identity, especially when you decide to stream certain content. And my personal suggestion is to never pay for such applications. You should never give your information by paying for a grey area service.

For more developments about TVZion and streaming applications in general we will continue to inform with newer posts.

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