The AppleTV-like build for KODI 17.6 Serenity by Schism TV has been updated to version 2.0 and comes with all the latest addons for a full media experience. In this update we reduced the size while actually adding content and some new addons. Also some internal bug fixing and re-arrangement.

The Serenity Build for KODI 17.6 v2.0 is now 269MB as a zipped file so it is smaller than ever. It only works on KODI 17 Krypton (better if the latest version 17.6) and brings everything from movies, tv shows, sports, live tv, kids and more.

Serenity TV

The changelog of Serenity KODI Build v2.0:

– Removed Nemesis
– Removed Our Sports
– Added Judgement Media
– Added Judgement IPTV
– Updated the Covenant addon, modules and script
– Removed Specto
– Updated Planet MMA
– Added Wolfpack addon
– TVOne1 is now on the top, main bar and as widget

The “Happy New Year” message will only appear for today as 1st of January 2018. You do not have to do anything in order to make it go away. You can also change the theme color to Dark, as in the image below:

⇒ Please remember that we do not accept donations. The builds are 100% free. Happy streaming and happy new year! 


1. On a fresh installation of KODI (do always a Fresh Start before installing builds) go under SYSTEM and select FILE MANAGER from the submenu
2. Select ADD SOURCE
3. Click on NONE and enter and click on DONE
4. Select OK
5. Go to HOME
6. Select SYSTEM
7. Select ADDONS
9. Click on repo from the list and select
10. Wait for the notification that Dimitrology TV has been installed
11. Go to HOME
12. Select PROGRAMS
13. Open Dimitrology TV Wizard
14. Now select SETTINGS and enter the code which you can find at
15. Select INSTALL
16. Select Serenity v2.0
17. Select FRESH INSTALL and wait for the installation to finish.
18. When asked to, select OK and then go to SETTINGS, INTERFACE and select the Serenity TV OSX skin. No force close is required.
19. If you do not see the thumbnails afterwards, this is perfectly normal as the wizard removes all the thumbnails. Simply exit from KODI, now open it once again and BOOM SHAKALAKA BABY!!!

Following the SchismTV All In One Build, also the Serenity KODI Build has been updated to version 1.8. The Apple TV / TV OSX like build had some changes that are significant for security issues. We removed the abandoned repositories which may be a security threat (like the Metalkettle Repository) and replaced the Stream Army addon with the brand-new Nemesis addon. Also added Sports World for more Sport streaming and updated the Dimitrology addon with the Dimi On Demand addon (huge thanks to Simtech for creating the addon).

Also fixed the Elysium API, so you can use it with no issues. We now use a custom API so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. The Youtube addon is also fixed, it should work without the error for the old API.

As always you can install the Serenity KODI Build from the Dimitrology TV Wizard. Please remember the build is absolutely free and we do not ask nor accept donations! Enjoy and Boom Shakalaka!

If you need help in order to install the SchismTV Serenity KODI Build on KODI, visit the following link:


The Schism TV Serenity KODI Build has been updated to version 1.5! The Apple TV OSX build for KODI 17.x with the two skin themes (light and dark), now it is more complete than ever and offers fully working experience.

In this version, Exodus has been replaced with the new fork, the Covenant addon. Also SALTS (Stream All The Sources) is out but in it’s place we have the Duckpool addon from Mucky Duck, the previously iStream addon. Read more

Some of you may have already noticed that Exodus isn’t working in these last hours. And since we do not have a working repository and an active developer because of the TVAddons shutdown thing, we decided to fix it ourselves. And with the plural I mean me. So I just updated the Boom Shakalaka Base Builds into version 1.4 with working Exodus and also fixed some issues with the whole Zen / Elysium transition for people who do not know how to properly fix it.

Get it as always from the Wizard, from my repository: 

Serenity by SchisM TV, the Apple TV OSX Build for KODI 17 has also been with working Exodus and SALTS as well. SchisM TV All In One is out too, version 0.8 with working Exodus, SALTS and UK Turks new addon and repository. All the other builds will follow in the next hours.

In other words, if you are looking for an Exodus and SALTS fix, Dimitrology has you covered. Enjoy and happy streaming!

SchisM TV Serenity Build for KODI 17.X Krypton has been updated into the latest version 1.2 and it’s super complete, fully working and beautiful as always. Fixed some annoying bugs with the shortcuts, updated the addons and repositories with fully working addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids and more and also made it a bit smaller, just 208MB as a zipped file.

The SchisM TV Serenity Build works on KODI 17 only, do not try to install it on KODI 16 or forks like SPMC, FTMC, etc. Also, after you install the Serenity Build for the first time, you need to select the skin and do a restart of KODI in order to have it perfectly looking since on the first boot it will actually load all the thumbnails.

Get the Serenity KODI Build by SchisM TV from the Dimitrology TV Wizard which you can download from repository:

For More: Read more

SchisM TV Serenity version 1.0

The tvOS-X clone (aka Apple TV) build by SchisM TV has been updated to version 1.0. As always the looks remain top of the line and the functionality became even better! We had quite some additions and also removals from the previous version in order to make it work even better, while keeping the size always petite (209MB as a zipped file). Fixed the search shortcut on the home and also fixed the skin bug that on some devices had issues with the icons. Read more

How to install the SCHISM-TV SERENITY BUILD on KODI 17, the Apple TV OSX KODI experience! In this last update, version 0.9 there are some changes, some ad-dons that didn’t work and some new additions like the Dimi’s Daily IPTV with premium live channel lists. The installation process is still the same, get the Schism-TV Builds code from

For more videos like this click here:

One of the most beautiful and fully working builds on KODI 17, created by Schism and maintained now by Dimitrology, it’s on the Dimitrology TV Wizard. Read more

SchismTV creates top signature builds for KODI and since he decided that for personal reasons he couldn’t maintain the project, we decided to join forces! So SchismTV Builds for KODI are now part of our project and development will be continued, even though to be very honest about it, they are so good that they do not need much effort in order to maintain them!

As of right now we have three different Builds: Kodiflix TV (Netflix-like skin), SchismTV All In One Krypton Edition and Serenity (AppleTV -like skin).

SchismTV Build KODI 2017

Read more

How to install SchismTV All In One Build on KODI: Atlantis, Basix, Moonshine, Origins, Serenity! All five awesome builds in One, just select the one you prefer and Boom Shakalaka!
In just 400Mb, 5 awesome builds with amazing performance and all the goodies, the most stable addons and a fantastic addition, the META addon which can find the best addon on your Movies / TV Shows search!
Also we still have the gret sections about Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Live TV, Documentaries and Music as well as the best of tools in order to keep your system clean and always performing!
You can get the wizard from:
In order to get the CODE for the wizard (it changes every 3-6 hours) visit:
Also enter the Schism TV Facebook Group for support, news and suggestions:

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Go to System and select File Manager
  3. Select Add source
  4. Enter and select DONE
  5. Click on OK
  6. Select System
  7. Select Add-ons
  8. Select Install from zip file
  9. Select
  10. Go to KODI home menu
  11. Select Programs
  12. Select Schism TV Wizard All in One
  13. Enter the code you will find on (Randomly generated every 3-6 hours)
  14. Select the build you want to install and Boom Shakalaka, game on!

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Very easy the process to install your favorite Schism TV Builds on KODI / SPMC! All you need to do is create an account over at the and with the same username & email you will be able to use the SchisMTV Elite Wizard.
The link to SchismTV Website:
The URL of the repo:

Install instructions:

  1. Go to and create a free account. Be sure to use a valid email
  2. Confirm your email from your inbox, you will receive a link that you have to click on
  3. Now open KODI
  4. Select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  5. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  6. Enter and click DONE
  7. Enter the name Schism and click on OK
  8. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  9. Select ADDONS
  11. Select the red icon labeled Schism
  12. Select the repo and install it
  13. From the same screen, select INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY
  14. Select Schism TV Builds Repository
  15. Select Program Addons
  16. Select Schism TV Wizard Elite
  17. Go to Programs and open the Schism TV Wizard Elite
  18. Select INSTALL and enter your SchismTV Forum’s username and your email
  19. Select your preferred build!

Congrats, you have now installed your preferred SchismTV Build on your system!
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