Having a good wireless keyboard / touchpad / remote for your Android TV Box is a must now days and can really change the way you interact with your device. The default remotes in most cases aren’t enough when it comes to controlling a 100% your device and since the WiFi remotes work so good is always a great idea to upgrade. With the Alfawise RGB Mini Keyboard you can get full access of your device. In fact it is a wireless full keyboard, touchpad and remote control that is very easy to use, ergonomic and with DPI adjustable function of the touchpad!

What is even better is that now you can get it for less! By using the coupon ALKPACP you can make it yours with an extra discount: $10.99 / €9.21 / £8.15 and free world-wide shipping included! Great price and value.

The Alfawise Mini is an RGB keyboard, that means that you control the lighting color of your device when and if you want it. Of course you can also use it without the back lighting effect, that is for you to chose. All the main media controls are also available as shortcuts and you can also use it with almost any device: Smart TV, Windows PC, Android TV Box, Linux computer, etc.

Overall great price for the value and maybe the first RGB keyboard of the mini keyboard category. Comes with a built-in 800mAh battery that you easily charge with a micro USB cable. In order to get yours for the extra low price, use the coupon code ALKPACP after you have added the product in your cart from the link:

This is my review of the Motospeed CK103 RGB Backlight Mechanical USB Keyboard, one of the best gaming but also typing keyboards for just under $50!!! Click here in order to get it on a flash sale, just $48.99  and free world-wide shipping:

I was very impressed by the robust and solid metallic structure and that was just the beginning since when I connected the keyboard to my desktop PC, my surprise was even bigger! The RGB lights are extremely beautiful and with 14 different modes plus different colors & speed for each mode make it a countless combination of choices to select from!

Typing with the red switch keys is an absolute pleasure. You have that clicking noise without being so loud as the blue switch keys and it is almost inviting to type more. Actually i do type more…!?

Overall I loved the Motospeed CK103. It was very unexpected for a keyboard with such a low price to have such a great performance and quality. I highly recommend this keyboard to everyone, I absolutely love it!

There is a flash sale on Gearbest for just $48.99, get yours from: Read more

This is the best value for money mechanical RGB keyboard on the market! Top quality, very robust and also eye-candy! Was hesitant at the beginning but I fell in love with it.

Comes with Blue Switch keys but there is also available a black switch version too.

E-BLUE K751 RGB MAZER Mechanical Keyboard – BLUE SWITCH BLACK: Read more

One of the most beautiful RGB mechanical keyboards is on sale with a coupon over at Gearbest. You can get the Motospeed K87S RGB with the discount coupon K87S for just $49.99 and free world-wide shipping! But hurry-up, the offer expires in just 3 days!

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Deal of the day on the Amazon website on the Razer keyboards Deathstalker Chroma and Blackwidow, $10 off for a final price of $94.99 for the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2016 – Backlit Quiet Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 10 Key Rollover


and $84.99 for the Razer DeathStalker Chroma – Multi-Color RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard.