Faster Android TV – NVIDIA Shield Xiaomi Philips SONY Toshiba TVs

3 tips to make a Faster Android TV device like the Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi Box S, TV Stick, and any Android TV like SONY, Toshiba, Philips, TCL, and more!

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With these 3 tips you can make your Android TV device way faster. Especially when you use a low-end device or your TV is bloated with apps from your manufacturer like some cheap Android TVs.

The first tip is to always use an Ethernet cable to connect to your router/internet. In case that is not possible, you can use a USB Hub with Ethernet.
Second, try to clear the Home of Android TV from unnecessary widgets. If you do not use for example an app like Rakuten or similar, simply remove it. It will free RAM and resources.
Third and most important of all, use the Background Apps and Process List to remove apps from auto-starting on the first boot of your device/TV. You will be surprised by how many applications start without your knowledge at every restart. This is a neat way to close apps that are not needed and that only consume an amount of your RAM.
Did those tips help you have a faster Android TV device? Leave a comment down below with your experience!

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Faster Android TV – NVIDIA Shield Xiaomi Philips SONY Toshiba TVs

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Google Stadia Coming To Android TV

The Google Stadia video game streaming service is set to come to the Android TV platform.

At the Game Developer Conference earlier this year, Google announced its ambitious cloud gaming service that’s cross-platform and really low-latency. At launch, you’ll be able to stream nearly 40 games at up to [email protected] from Google’s cloud servers to 2018 or 2019 Pixel smartphones, the Google Chrome browser, or the Chromecast Ultra, though Google plans to expand support to more Android smartphones and Android TV.

Android TV Pie

Android TV roadmap in 2020 and 2021

At the International Broadcasting Convention, Google unveiled its roadmap for Android TV in 2020 and 2021. In synthesis is the following:

  • Android 11 R/2020
    • Assistant for Operators GA more partners & i18n.
    • Assistant farfield reference designs, improved x-device targeting.
    • Hero device advancing next-gen smart home UX, e.g. Lens, Camera.
    • Expand home screen and instream ads offering.
    • Stadia integration.
    • Reference video broadcast.
    • 8.0k Apps.
  • Android 12 S/2021 & beyond
    • Assistant for Operators: continuously improve quality, i18n and operator integrations.
    • Hero device program advancing next-generation.
    • Continue to lower TTM/TCO & expand monetization options.
    • Less fragmentation in HW + SW solutions, fewer builds.
    • Hold the line on memory & power, critical user journeys.
    • Continuous performance monitoring of production devices.
    • 8.0-10k Apps.

So Stadia is confirmed for Android TV too and to come to think of the Nvidia Shield TV 2019 that is expected to hit the markets soon, it all makes sense! Stadia for the Android 11 OS launch in 2020. On the current Android 10 platform instead Stadia launches in November 2019. I hope that this doesn’t change Nvidia’s plans and postpones the launch of the new Shield TV for 2020.

Bad news also is that the same TV OS update is set to “expand home screen and instream ads offering”. So more advertisements is the price to pay for convenient gaming streams. Let’s hope in a better way than the previously ad showing on some Sony TVs some months earlier this year.

More Than 10 Thousands Apps in 2021

And if you are wondering about the 8.0k Apps and 10k Apps, that is not a new resolution standard, that is Google’s prediction of the total amount of the apps that should be available on the Android TV Play Store. So that is also a very exciting move too.

Shield Experience 7.2.2

A new upgrade by NVIDIA for the NVIDIA Shield TV devices (also for the Pro version). The new upgrade, as always by the amazing work from NVIDIA resolves some of the few issues the NVIDIA Shield users may face. More importantly the keyboard and mouse functionality is working now for PUBG among as other 3rd party controller issues that are now resolved for good.

In the specifics, the SHIELD Experience Software Upgrade 7.2.2 ( fixes the following bugs/issues on top of the previous 7.2.1 upgrade.

Shield Experience 7.2.2

New Enhancements/Fixes:

• Fixes Keyboard/Mouse functionality for PUBG Mobile
• Fixes bug where colors are displayed incorrectly on Chrome/Puffin browsers
• Resolves storage quota issues when transferring files from PC to SHIELD
• Fixes issue where Dualshock 3 controller would not pair properly over Bluetooth
• Fixes issue affecting original Xbox One wired controller functionality
• Resolves issues where PLEX would not access content on NAS
• Addresses issues where NAS would not manually mount correctly
• Resolves bug where PLEX was not detecting Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD 1590
• Fixes bug where home screen is displayed while mounting network storage
• Fixes bug where Dynamic range advanced display setting was not working
• Improves network connectivity when connecting to router through local DNS or gateway
• Resolves issue where Sling app would not be available
• [Beta] Adds setting to automatically switch color modes (Settings > Developer Options > Colorimetry).

Known issues:

• Rare cases where system appears to hang on startup
• [SHIELD 2015 and SHIELD Pro] Rare cases of SD Card not recognized
• [SHIELD Pro] Accessory UI not present on pairing screen after factory reset
• Rare cases where USB drive is ejected.
• Some TV/Receivers may wake up after ~30 seconds after SHIELD sleeping
• Green line displayed at the bottom/right with specific content aspect ratio
• HDCP issues with specific TV models (Bauhn ATV65UHD-1217)
• Plex video playback from NAS takes 30 seconds to start.

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A new fantastic action-adventure experience for the NVIDIA SHIELD owners has been released today with the addition of Just Cause 2 to GeForce NOW’s membership library. This title is available immediately for all GeForce NOW members to enjoy at no additional charge! Read more

You may have wondered how is it possible for Netflix to have such an amazing production line-up of original shows. The answer is obvious for some but no-one could have really guessed how many subscribers can Netflix have. In the past year (that is 2016), Netflix has expanded to even more countries getting close to deliver awesomeness on almost every country on the planet! The image below (courtesy of Netflix) shows where exactly Netflix is available. It may be that in some countries some specific shows do not appear due to copyright laws, which was one of the toughest problems Netflix faced, but for more or less a subscriber in New Delhi a can watch the same episode as a subscriber in New York.

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Starting from January 15th the brand-new NVIDIA Shield will start shipping! It has been announced today by the NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at CES 2017, who also revealed the new name: from NVIDIA Shield TV now it will be called just NVIDIA Shield. Quite honestly, that was the name that everyone called it already to be fair. The new Shield aesthetically seems to be exactly the same but smaller, way smaller! Also the main specs do not seem to differ that much. It seems that will come with the same Tegra X1 processor and the GPU will always be a 256-core but it is unclear whether it would be the Maxwell GPU as before. 3 Gb of RAM, Dual Band AC WiFi and included gamepad (new design, see below) & remote control with microphone for voice control and audio output that if sold separately (like now for the NVIDIA Shield TV) costs $59. The new NVIDIA Shield will be powered by Android N Nougat! Read more


You can now profit of the coupon GBH96PP3 for one of the best Android 6 TV Boxes on the market for a final price of $74.99 / €67.92 / £60.12 and free world wide shipping! The Alfawise H96 Pro+ is one of the few Android 6 TV Box with 3Gb of RAM and 32Gb of internal storage! Also it is powered by an Octa-core S912 64bit CPU by Amlogic and the Mali T820-Mp3 GPU for top performance!

Great also the design of the box, somehow different from what we usually expect. It has dented sides and a slick, glossy surface on the top as a stripe. All black and great quality of the plastics, give the Alfawise H96 Pro+ a very elegant and distinguish look. Read more