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The best Android TV Launcher is the Leanback Launcher On Fire. Originally created for Amazon Fire TV devices, works a charm on any Android TV. It is super-fast, customizable, without ads, free, shows sideloaded apps, and is as easy to use as it gets.

Unfortunately, you cannot find the Leanback Launcher On Fire inside the Google Playstore / App Store of your Android TV device. But no worries, in this video I’m going to show you how to install and also customize it. And the cherry on the top, you can use the app Button Mapper for Android TV so, with a button tap on your remote, it will pop up on your screen!

Since this is the BEST launcher on Android TV for 2022, it shows also all the sideloaded applications. You can also change the background wallpaper to any image or photo you want. And yes, the icons are also resizable.

Lastly, it offers also a weather widget on the home screen of your Android TV device. You can use the Leanback Launcher On Fire on any Android TV device: SONY, TCL, Philips TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box S, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Box, Mi TV Stick, etc.

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