What is SAR?

Before we talk about the 8 smartphones that exceed the SAR value limit, let’s see (or remember) exactly what a SAR value is. The SAR value is the specific absorption rate of radiation from human tissue and, to put it simply, is the number that shows us how bad for our health a mobile phone is. It is measured in W / kg (power per kilo) and the limits established worldwide are as follows:

2.0 W / kg in the European Union for mobile phone use.
1.6 W / kg in the US for mobile phones.
0.8 W / kg for general radiation in the atmosphere.

Therefore that’s the value we are interested in obviously. But note that the maximum limit after which reactions have been observed in our body is 4.0 W / kg. Logic therefore says that if a device emits less radiation than 0.8 W / kg, we can use it all day without risk, while those emitting more than this limit, we need to use them for short periods of time in the day.

SAR Prices: Which are the 8 smartphones that exceed the SAR limit

The ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) examined 51 models. While 43 tests have returned results in accordance with the European legislation on the subject, which sets the upper limit to 2 W / kg, the other 8 do not comply. Of the 8 interested parties, in 6 cases the problem was resolved by the manufacturer with the release of an updated software version, while 2 others had previously been removed from the market. For the latter, units that have already been sold have been revoked so as to avoid any risk to the health of the users.

Below is the list of the 8 smartphones that exceed the SAR limit. It should be noted that the SAR value is the one measured in the hip, despite the daily use of a smartphone is usually closer to the head.

Orange HAPI: 2.1 W / kg (withdrawn from the market).
Neffos X1 TP902: 2.52 W / kg (withdrawn from the market).
Huawei Honor 8: 2.11 W / kg (1.45 W / kg after updating).
Echo Star Plus: 2.05 W / kg (1.41 W / kg after updating).
Alcatel PIXI 4-6 “: 2.04 W / kg (1.58 W / Kg after updating).
Wiko Tommy2 (Bouygues Telecom): 2.46 W / kg (1.66 W / kg after updating).
Hisense F23: 2.13 W / kg (1.46 W / kg after updating).
Wiko View: 2.44 W / kg (1.34 W / kg after updating).

Taking into account the 43 models that passed the ANFR tests without problems, the average value measured was 1.16 W / kg. In some cases it stops at 0.6 W / kg. You can consult the full list on the official website of the French service.

As for the old continent, the limit set by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) is 2 W / kg. In the US, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has set stricter parameters. Device radiation under the FCC must not exceed 1.6 W / kg.

The Golden Rule: Use common sense

Of course, mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives and we do not have to be paranoid about it. Proper use of smartphone devices, without exaggeration, should be a rule for us all.

Huawei: Smartphone with micro notch in December

Huawei could anticipate Samsung in releasing the first smartphone in the world with micro notch, positioned on the upper corner of the display. The Chinese giant is reported being ready to present it’s own Display Infinity similar to the Samsung Infinity-O display. The news came directly from Huawei through a teaser published on their Weibo official social account.



This teaser represents an image accompanied just by the number “12” which clearly states that the release should be this December. The image doesn’t leave a lot to imagination. We can clearly note that other than the body of a smartphone with the universe in the background, there is a small circle point where a ray of light passes through. This should be the micro notch in the same corner as Samsung’s design. Of course it’s impossible to know which of the two companies came up with this concept first.

infinity-o display

Infinity display by Samsung

Samsung in fact should have been the first to launch this kind of technology on a smartphone with the name Galaxy A8S. Rumors have it that the release is also this December. The exact same month that Huawei is now launching their new model. It is more than obvious that the first to ever release such a technology in the smartphone world is only some days away from the second. This is a war that has been already out for some time among the two brands. Trying to dominate the market with exclusive innovations and as a matter of fact, the first act was that of the number of cameras that each company used on their latest smartphones. Both have now gone up to 4 cameras on the back of their smartphones.

Earlier this month, the Korean company unveiled different types of display to achieve more screen to body ratio on smartphones. All these displays come under Samsung’s Infinity branding. And they are named based on their looks such as Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O, Infinity Flex, and New Infinity. Fresh reports from Korea report that Samsung has already begun mass production of Infinity O displays. But now it seems that it will not be the only one to release this kind of technology before the year ends. Of course the real question is who can do it better. Both companies have a great reputation when it comes in innovations.

As the battle continues on for who can deliver the world’s first phone with an in-screen camera cutout to global customers, we will let you know more in the upcoming articles.

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