Boom Shakalaka KODI Build v1.20



Build updated into version 1.20. A lot of changes under the hood but the most significant are:

  • Added the following addons: Pro Sport, Playlist Loader, Pak India, Halow TV, Paradocs, We love House Music, Easy Wallpapers.
  • Tweaked Exodus, Salts and Widgets.
  • Removed the following addons: UK TV Again, Live Mix, Jokers TV (it’s in Alpha Addon).
  • New category DOCS for documentaries.
  • Rebuilded the shortcuts.

More info about the build, support, requests and general discussion in the forum, click here:,386.0.html

dimiBoom Shakalaka Build for KODI APK & Dimitrology Wizard APK

Thanks to bugatsinho, now there is available an APK for Android devices in order to install easier KODI. Simply uninstall KODI from your device and install the .apk in order to install KODI with the installer of the Boom Shakalaka Builds / Dimitrology Builds Wizard already pre-configured. When asked select your preferred version and Boom Shakalaka!

You can download the .apk here:

More info about the builds: or directly in the forum here:,23.0.html