2020 has been a tough year, where we’ve had to stay apart from the things we love. No longer have we been able to pack into stadiums and concert venues, head to watch TV shows or hang out with friends and loved ones. Instead, we have turned to technology to make us feel like we are together, that we are experiencing these things even when we are apart. It has been a year that has shown us just how important technology is and what it can do for us. Those that have previously been out and about and not really on their phones have turned into avid tech fans, eager to catch up on anything they are missing out on from the outside world. Here are five ways that technology has got us through 2020….

It enabled us to watch our favourite entertainment from home

Let’s face it, humans like to have plans and be out and about doing this. In a year when we haven’t been able to go to things such as football or concerts, it has been a challenge. Luckily, technology meant that we didn’t feel as far away from the action as we might have otherwise. Once football matches were allowed to happen again (albeit it without crowds) avid fans could tune in and watch the games from the comfort of their coach. Tuning in to the FA Cup Finals might have been a bit different, but it meant you didn’t miss out completely. Singers did live concerts on their social media accounts and many actors did Zoom chats to keep us all entertained in a way that was different from past years but still entertaining all the same! And it was all made possible due to technology.

We could catch up with friends and family 

There are a whole host of websites and apps that really shone in 2020 for keeping us connected with our family and friends. From Zoom and Microsoft Teams to FaceTime and Messenger video, technology has allowed us to check in with loved ones when we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. We could chat with groups and whole families while also keeping safe. It was an easy way to be able to host quizzes, play games, and keep everyone’s spirits up when otherwise it could have felt like a very lonely time. This is particularly true for anyone living alone as it could have been a very lonely place without the ability to see and speak to loved ones.

It meant work could happen from home

When travel and transport stopped and we were advised to work from home, it could have been a nightmare for many businesses. Luckily, companies were able to use and utilize technology to their advantage and keep their companies ticking along. Meetings could take place, work could be distributed, people could communicate and things could run as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. In a time that has been hard on business owners everywhere, it was very important that they could still run effectively, create sales, and adapt to the changing world around them. Many companies changed their plans and created new initiatives to suit the situation.

Online teaching 

Education is an important passage of life and this year saw many schools, colleges, and universities have to shut during the most crucial period. There were many who had to sit exams, get qualifications that would let them into university the following year, or to get a degree before starting a job once they graduate. Online learning meant that people didn’t lose out and could continue to get an education without having to put themselves or their teachers and lecturers at risk. Teachers were able to set up group classes over video, to send over work via email (and mark it also) as well as set tasks and things to research. It also enabled the class members to still get a bit of the social aspect of education, catching up with fellow classmates and seeing other faces to those that they are in lockdown with at home. In a strange time, this was an important factor that helped many people out and wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of technology.

Keeping us entertained with games and apps

In a time when the things we could all do was severely limited and we couldn’t leave for entertainment, dining out, or visiting others, it left many people wondering what there is to do. Luckily technology was on hand to help with entertaining. 2020 was the year of TikTok, where not only did everyone binge use it, but many hours were spent learning dances and songs, leading the way for a new generation of content creators. We have also been able to turn to many games such as on the Xbox, the computer, and the PlayStation. Never before have so many games of FIFA been played, Sim characters been created and Mario Kart matches taken place. With the use of technology items such as headsets, it has also created a great way for friends to stay in touch and catch up when they can’t see each other. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also enabled us to keep in touch and see what was going on in the world. It enabled people to feel much closer and know what others were getting up to, as well as get ideas and inspiration for things to do at home.

Technology has been one of the most important things for us this year and will only continue to highlight our reliance on it as we head into the new year. There has been an emergence of new apps and things to see, do, and experience, and this will only grow. While it might have been a crazy year and one unlike any other, we got through it with the help of technology. What have you relied on to get you through? What has been your favorite bit of technology? Let us know in the comments below.

*Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


Black Friday And Cyber Monday Streaming & Android TV Edition Offers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 Streaming & Android TV Edition Offers!

VPN Offers:
Ivacy VPN:
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Happy Thanksgiving, have an awesome day with your loved ones, and share your Black Friday and Cyber Monday (wish)lists below, in the comments section!

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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Streaming & Android TV Edition Offers

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The Best VPN Deals for Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 and Cyber Monday 2020 aren’t here yet. But VPNs have started their sales early so you can get a discount right now. Mostly because of the pandemic, VPN demand is also high and security companies are now offering their services for an all-time low since they can make the budget. These deals are already live so you can profit from them right now!


IPVanish The Best VPN Deals for Black Friday 2020

Starting with IPVanish, which offers their services starting from a low of $2.92 per month instead of $11.99 with savings of 76%! The offer is valid for a 1-year service and for a total of $34.99 instead of $134.88. Their offer other than the top-notch VPN service includes a 250GB encrypted cloud storage by SugarSync. Very handy especially now that Google decided to limit their cloud services offering for Photo and people are looking for good alternatives. What is also amazing with this offer by IPVanish is that there is no more a 10 simultaneous devices restriction. Now you can connect as many devices as you own to their VPN service. They are also committed to zero-log; no connection or activity logs are stored. IPVanish offers access to over 1,500 servers in 75+ locations.


PIA Best VPN Deals for Black Friday 2020

Moving on to Private Internet Access, a great VPN service that has been around for a long time now offers their best deal for $2.08 per month instead of $11.95 with savings of 83%! The offer is for a 3-year plan which you get for $79 instead of $430.20. PIA is also known for its commitment to zero logs, and 19438 servers across 77 countries! With PIA you can use up to 10 devices simultaneously on the VPN service. They also offer a bonus, a Cloud Security License with Boxcryptor which although I haven’t personally tested yet.


Ivacy VPN black friday 2020

Lastly, perhaps the best bang for your bucks comes from Ivacy. They offer an insanely low $0.99 a month instead of $9.99 with a saving of 90%! The offer is on their 5-year plan for just $60 instead of the $599 that would normally cost you. With Ivacy VPN you can unblock easily BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu & 7 major Netflix Regions including US, FR, JP, UK, Aus, De & Ca. They have been around since 2007 and were the first to introduce the Split Tunneling feature back in 2010. They do not offer a Cloud storage solution as the previous two but if you do not need it, Ivacy VPN is an incredible value for money VPN!

They All Offer Also

All the above-mentioned VPN services offer their services also by the use of an app. They all support all kinds of devices: Windows, Android, Android TV, macOS, iOs, Linux, Xbox, KODI, and almost any router. Whichever VPN Deal for Black Friday 2020 you will go, remember you have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. I have personally tested them all, that is also why I am confident in recommending them. I have selected them from the plethora of VPN services I have tried in the last 7 years because of their stability, security, and all-around performance.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Date

The Amazon Prime Day 2020 this summer will no longer be holding at the usual time — at least according to one report. The Prime Day event usually takes place in the middle of July.

But which is Prime Day 2020 Date? The beloved shopping event will be pushed back until at least August, according to notes from an internal meeting obtained by Reuters. The major shopping event was started in 2015. Even though it generally occurs each July, this year rumours had it happening around the end of June 2020. All that of course, before the pandemic occurred.

Potential Loss

The online shopping giant expects a potential $100 million loss from excess devices that it might now sell at a discount. That’s according to internal meeting notes seen, as Reuters reported. The news agency mentioned that “5 million extra devices that Amazon would have sold during Prime Day, such as its suite of voice-controlled Echo speakers”.

“We probably have to promote sooner, which will be difficult if we’re capacity constrained,” Amazon General Counsel David Zapolsky wrote in notes from a daily meeting of Amazon executives.

The postponement od the Amazon Prime Day 2020 Date would mark a major shift by Amazon to address the economic effects of the Covid 19 Novel coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon Prime Day Back in 2019

Prime Day Revenue

Amazon does not disclose revenue from Prime Day but it is known that merchants contributed to $2 billion in sales during Prime Day in 2019, which lasts for 48 hours and over 18 countries worldwide. Promotions for Amazon’s members, Prime Membership, have also proven an effective way for the company to draw more people, In fact, during Prime Day a lot of people become members, at $119 per year in the United States.

Dimitrology On Amazon

Just a reminder, also available on Amazon you can find the Dimitrology Shop. There is a selection of the devices I personally tested, use and highly recommend.

4K Ultra HD and HD only on selected devices

If Netflix is your main streaming application and you want a new tv box, then you will find that not a lot of devices are Netflix certified. What does that mean? That essentially Netflix is only allowing certain devices to stream on their best 4K UHD / HD quality. I’ve had that discussion hundred of times, from friends that want the best quality for their streaming experience. Since they got that Netflix 4K Ultra HD subscription they also wanted the best TV Box for Netflix in HD. Unfortunately, not all devices actually support Netflix in 4K UHD / HD. Some devices will only play movies and tv shows from Netflix at SD quality, which is 480p and of course, the disappointment is big! And do not get me wrong, a lot of great devices may do that too as excellent Android smartphones and tablets.

Netflix 4K Ultra HD and HD certified devices list

Below you will find the list with the supported devices for Netflix, thus the Best TV Box / Media Streamer for Netflix on 2020:

Shield TV 2019
Nvidia Shield TV 2019

Nvidia Shield TV (2019)

The “budget” Nvidia Shield TV (2019), or else called the Nvidia Shield “Tube” because of its design. This is the entry-level by Nvidia into the magical world of Android TV. Google Assistant, Alexa, for no hands control. And GeForce NOW game streaming, 4K HDR video streaming, Dolby Atmos audio in such a compact and unique device. Performance is still great although if you want to game too, I would opt for the bigger brother, the Nvidia Shield TV PRO. Great remote control with voice command, same as the Pro version. Get it from Amazon here.

xiaomi mi box s best 2019
Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi Mi Box S

The updated version of the Xiaomi Mi Box S is not the most powerful device in the market, yet it will amaze you with great 4K HDR streaming capabilities. As it is an Android TV device, come with Google Cast (Chromecast) built-in in almost at the same price! The limit in connectivity may not be a deal-breaker for users that mostly want to stream Netflix in 4K since it comes with a strong and fast WiFi. The just 8 GB of internal storage is more than enough so you can stream without any issues while installing some other applications too. The Xiaomi Mi Box S is a great value for money! Get it from Amazon here (US) or from Gearbest (EU).

Amazon Firestick New
Fire TV Stick “Firestick”

Fire TV Stick 4K

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K “Firestick” is a very loved device by a lot of people. Mostly because of its super compact size and easiness of use. Also lacks any basic connectivity but hey, it comes with a super-low price. Great remote and full integration with Amazon’s Alexa as expected. Lacks the Android TV Store by Google and while Amazons App Store is great, you will not find everything there. On the positive, it is also fantastic for Amazon’s Prime Video, of course, if you have a subscription. Get from Amazon here.

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube

Always from Amazon, the Fire TV Cube was a big gamble that got a great reception. More powerful than the Firestick, is capable of more things, Like 4K HDR10+ streaming, acts as an Alexa speaker so you voice control your devices. Also a more powerful six-core CPU and 16 GB of storage. If Amazon is your kind of stuff, the Cube is the best solution for you. Link on Amazon in order to get one here.

Apple TV 4K
Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K is not only great for Apple TV+ but also for Netflix. It is a very powerful device that is somehow neglected by the brand based in Cupertino. Not that many apps and games in the App Store but Netflix on this device is rock solid! The remote is like a joke, at times super annoying – at times great. That’s in most cases you will not really love it for Netflix since it is kind of a pain advancing video with it. Audio is also amazing with the Apple TV 4K. But when we talk about connectivity bottoms with other devices, Apple TV 4K is the champion by far. There is only a port for Ethernet, apart from the HDMI and the power cable port. Get it from Apple.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro best tv box for netflix 2020
Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

The new Nvidia Shield TV PRO is the updated version of the already amazing device by Nvidia, the Shield TV 2017, the champ of the streaming devices. Being already more powerful than any other device, they decided to keep it exactly the same. If not a little worse to be honest. But still, it is the best out there and now comes with a great new feature. The AI upscaling that can use artificial intelligence so it can upscale the quality of a Full HD 1080p video to 4K Ultra HD. It may sound science fiction but it really works great! Lacks of a dedicated audio port, you can only use the HDMI port for audio. Link on Amazon for purchase here.

The Best For Netflix 4K UHD / HD

As you can see, there are a lot of devices that support Netflix 4K UHD / HD and for different budgets. While some have better specs, or more storage or even some special functions, one thing is the same on all of them. They all stream Netflix in a superb way!

Not Only Netflix

Don’t Care About Netflix in 4K UHD / HD? Then visit the dedicated page with the Best TV Box 2020 Edition, in order to help you select which is the best for you.

If you are looking for the best Streaming Apk 2020 for movies and tv shows, I got you covered. Below you find the TOP 5 streaming apk of this year even though it is a little early the list will be always updated! So the list is created only by free apps and based on how well they work. And all five of them are great for streaming movies and tv shows on a FireTV Stick, Android TV Box, Android TV OS device and more.


The new trend nowadays is not KODI. And that is understandable since a lot of developers quit or even worse… have troubles with the law. So I’ve decided to make a list with my top 5 streaming apk for movies and tv shows.

Best Streaming Apk 2020

The list below is in no specific order, all 5 of them are great and work amazing as well! It was hard to select only 5 but at the end I made the list with the 5 best streaming apk 2020 as of right now.


unlockmytv apk download 2020

UnlockMyTv has been one of my favorite streaming apk on Android since it comes with also with the ability to download a movie and/or TV Show. It even supports multiple languages, subtitles, Real Debrid and external video players. And yes, the UI is also very friendly, easy to use and beautiful. If you haven’t already, try UnlockMyTv now and judge for yourselves!

Download UnlockMyTv Apk

If you want to download the latest version of UnlockMyTv simply visit the link (or added it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) and select to save the file. Then give permissions to install it.


beetv download

BeeTV is like a search application for video content. It crawls movie and tv shows hosting websites and can find and return the videos hosted on those sites. BeeTV is a community driven app and through it’s modules can give great results. And yes, it supports Debrid, Premiumize for better and more streams. Also features trailers and has a lot of more unique and handy stuff.

Download BeeTV Apk

So to download the latest version of BeeTV simply visit the link (or added it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) and select to save the file. Then give permissions to install it.



TeaTV is one of the most loved streaming apk also on 2020. Has been around for long but with time is always better. It works of course on any Android device but they also have Windows and MacOS versions as well. It supports Debrid and Premiumize so top quality is also expected. Also offers a wide array of content for your streaming enjoyment. And it features an easy to use but also beautiful user interface and a lot of categories to choose from. But not only can you watch movies and TV shows, but also the latest sporting events including WWE, MMA, UFC, and more.

Download TeaTV Apk

In order to download the latest version of TeaTV simply visit the link (or added it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) and select to save the file. Then give permissions to install it.

Cinema APK

cinema apk 2020

Cinema APK is also one of the best movie & TV show streaming applications for 2020. It can be installed on just about every Android device like a TV Box, FireTV Stick, Android TV OS, Smartphone, Tablet. Since Terrarium TV is no longer working, Cinema APK is a great alternative for those looking to continue their streaming experience. Cinema features a lot of working links. It is constantly updated so that you are never short on content. It also supports Debrid for users with this service for even more and better quality streams.

Download Cinema Apk

You can download the latest version of Cinema APK by simply clicking the link (or add it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) and select to save the file. Then give permissions to install it.


Best streaming apps 2020 TVZion

If you like watching movies and tv shows then TVZion is a great Android app with a huge library and great video quality. TVZion is really easy to use and works great on any Android device like an Android TV Box, Android smartphone or tablet, etc. You can also keep up with your your favorite TV shows as episodes are updated every day. Also supports Debrid and Premiumize too.

Download TVZion Apk

In order to download the latest version of TVZion simply visit the link (or added it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) and select to save the file. Then give permissions to install it.

Which Is Your Best Streaming Apk 2020?

And what do you think? Which is or are your best streaming apk of 2020? You think some other app should have made the list? Leave a comment down below with your favorite streaming apk. Also if this article helped you make sure to share it with your friends and family. Use the buttons below to share on all major social media.

Think About Your Privacy!

But one thing to consider, when using Filelinked, is your online privacy. So you should always use a VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming free movies and TV shows. Especially with any of the apk such as in this list. So if you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IP Vanish or Private Internet Access. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records! 

Also Want KODI Builds And Addons?

If you are looking to install KODI Addons and Builds, I highly recommend you visit the Best KODI Addons Of The Month section or the Builds section of our website. You will find a lot of different Builds for KODI for any taste! And if you are just looking for a KODI Adult Add-on Pack, make sure to check the Dimitrology Addon Pack, it contains the best KODI add-ons available! More on KODI or great Premium IPTV solutions also available here.

TOP 5 Trailer Of The Upcoming Movies & TV Shows

If you follow this website for some time, then one thing is for sure we all have in common: We love movies and tv shows. And this week we have some amazing releases of the upcoming movies and tv shows we all gonna love. Since this is just a TOP 5 some movies and tv series maybe missing, please leave a comment if you think we did so below the article.

Bad Boys For Life

Starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence,The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life. Joe Pantoliano is still the captain Conrad Howard and the plot looks as amazing as the previous releases. Before watching the new trailer I highly recommend you watch the previous as well, some things are more than connected. Bad boys for life is directed by: Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah. The film comes out on January 17th.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Zach Galifianakis and his oddball crew take a road trip to complete a series of high-profile celebrity interviews and restore his reputation. Celebrity cameos include: Matthew Mcconaughey, Will Ferrell, Peter Dinklage, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Rudd, Tiffany Haddish, Brie Larson, Keanu Reeves, Jon Hamm, David Letterman, Jason Schwartzman, Adam Scott, John Cho, Chance the Rapper, Rashida Jones, Hailee Steinfeld, John Legend, Teigen, Tessa Thompson. I do not know about you but I am so excited about this! It comes out on September 20th.

Black Christmas

Director Sophia Takal and writer April Wolfe are rebooting the 1974 horror film Black Christmas. It’s about sorority sisters dealing with a masked killer who maybe turns out to be an entire cult / frat or something like that. It looks like a fun twist on a horror movie. The Universal movie comes out on December 13th 2019.


The director behind It Comes at Night returns with a very different film: a quiet family drama that’s apparently good enough to shell out Frank Ocean-level money for the trailer. It comes out on November 1st 2019.

Just Mercy

The director of Short Term 12 takes on the story of Walter McMillian, who was wrongly convicted of murder in the 1980s. It has an incredible cast. Starring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx, and Brie Larson to name a few. From the Warner Bros Studios the movies comes out on Christmas Day.

Let us know what you think and which is your preferred movies and / or tv show you just can’t wait to watch this fall / winter.