Dimi Left YouTube? NO WAY!!! Let's Go Live With Dimi 05 I have been away for more than a month now from Youtube but thankfully for a good reason! Join the live chat with Dimi / Dimitrology. This is episode number 5 and we are going to talk about the future of the Dimitrology Channel, […]

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Pirate ‘CAM King’ 1XBET Becomes Russia’s 3rd Largest Online Advertiser

Since 2018, it’s likely that Internet users searching for the latest pirate ‘cam’ copies of Hollywood movies will have been exposed to the brand 1XBET. 1XBET is an online gambling company based in Russia that currently…

Canadian Copyright Review Rejects Site-Blocking Regime, Keeps Safe Harbors

Late 2017 Canada’s government requested the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology (INDU) to carry out a thorough review of the Copyright Act. After dozens of hearings, where it heard hundreds of witnesses and reviewed…

YouTube Ordered to Hand Over Identities of Manga Pirates

Users of YouTube upload millions of pieces of content to the platform every month, much of it without incident or irritation to third-parties. However, there are those who upload copyright content, most of it music and videos, that…

Veteran Pirate With Millions of Downloads Says “Sharing is Caring”

Probably not Thumper Every week, millions of pirates head off to popular torrent sites for their software fix. Whether they’re looking for the latest operating systems, graphics tools, or DVD/Blu-ray burning software, most things…

‘Netflix’ Flags Netflix.com As a Pirate Site, Or Does It?

Netflix, like many other rightsholders, keeps a close eye on pirate sites. The company has its own in-house anti-piracy team and also works with third-party companies, to issue takedown requests. Over the past two years, the streaming giant…

YouTube-Rippers Infringe Copyright on “Industrial Scale” Says Judge

As part of the music industry’s war on so-called ‘stream-ripping’, earlier this year Sony, Universal, and Warner, with assistance from Music Rights Australia and the Australasian Performing Right Association, demanded…