Best Web Browser for Android TV

Android TV can be used to browse the web. But no browser comes on Android TV devices like the Nvidia Shield TV or Mi Box. This is the best browser on Android TV

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  • Native apps for Android TV, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and more OS
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  • Log-free, so you can’t be tracked
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Dragon Streams for Kodi, Sports and Live TV 1

How To Customize Windows 10 Easily With Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Customize almost every aspect of Windows 10 using the Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.0 utility, by Paras Sidhu.Download the utility from here: to Dimitrology for…
Dragon Streams for Kodi, Sports and Live TV 2

UMP for KODI / XBMC - Universal Media Provider: Movies, TV Shows, Music & Manga

UMP is a KODI/XBMC plugin provides latest movies , series, animes, mangas and music in specific. It actually is a generic framework that can provide internet media in all kodi forms with a scalable methodology.Once it is installed you can…
Dragon Streams for Kodi, Sports and Live TV 3

TeeVee the perfect TV Shows video addon for KODI / XBMC, install & review!

TeeVee is the perfect TV Shows addon for KODI. Simple to use, intuitive interface, complete library and excellent quality links.Natko1412 Repo @ Github: great…
Dragon Streams for Kodi, Sports and Live TV 4

Sportsdevil for KODI, how to have always the latest version!

Sports Devil is the only sports addon for KODI / XBMC you will ever need! Have always installed the latest version with this simple installation method.Note that there are different versions of Sportsdevil, this one is constantly updated…
Dragon Streams for Kodi, Sports and Live TV 5

Aukey 12000mah Dual USB External Battery AIPower Fast Charge PB-N13

With the Aukey External Battery, you get 12000mah juice for your devices and 2 usb output ports with AIPower maxing out 3.1A fast charging. Input is a 1.8A micro usb. Overall quality is excellent with a stylish design.
Dragon Streams for Kodi, Sports and Live TV 6

Dragon Streams for Kodi, Sports and Live TV

Dragon Streams in a very nice and simple video addon for KODI / XBMC for Live Sports and Live TV from all over the world: US, European, Asian, etc. Also on the Torrent Release Repository you can find Sportsdevil and YIFI Movies HD.