the crew kodi addon install

The Crew KODI Addon The Crew KODI addon is a third party addon for KODI that delivers a ton of high quality links. Not only movies and tv shows but in my opinion the best part is the IPTV / Live TV section with live tv channels all over the world! But The Crew has […]

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VidTime HD Movies and TV Shows by VinManJSV - Insanely Fast Streams! 2016

This is a very fast and complete HD Movies and TV Shows addon with one click to watch function on very fast servers, gives the impression that the stream is a local file by the incredibile fast response you get when advancing the movie! To…

The Titan KODI Addon Revised: HD Movies, 3D Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries! 2016

The Titan Addon was first reviewed by me when was only just a beta release so it seemed only right to take a closer look now that is finished. And indeed with new collaborations, enriched content and new functionality is very much a Titan addon. Thousands…

Stream Supreme Premium IPTV + FREE Giveaway

Stream Supreme is a premium service IPTV provider with a wide selections of channels, focused mostly on the Sport category with great content. You can win 2 Free Monthly subscription just by being subscribed to my channel and leaving a comment…

Streetwise KODI Fully Loaded Build + XXX Adult Additional Pack

Streetwise KODI Fully Loaded, is a very complete and unique in a way build on KODI since it is using some excellent collections on every category to keep things more tidy and to give the most easy to use interface. Also, from the wizard you…

How To Fix - Update - Install SPECTO The GENESIS FORK

Since a lot of people are having trouble installing / updating / make work the Specto add-on also known as Genesis Fork, the developer has released a directly link from his github. You can download it and install it as .zip BUT keep also the…

Ares Wizard New Url Fixed & Working 2016 Edition

Install the ARES WIZARD from the new source url and have it fixed and working! Ares Wizard is one of the best wizards on KODI that can install builds, add-ons, repositories, do a fresh start and even help you keep your KODI running flawlessly…