Beelink GT1 Mini Review – Small And Powerful Android TV Box Get the Beelink Gt1 Mini from: They say that good things come in small packages and this is exaclty the case of the Beelink GT1 Mini! Powered by an Amlogic S905X2, a Mali G-31 GPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, […]

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How to install EXODUS by Lambda on KODI - The successor of GENESIS - 2016

Exodus add-on released by the man himself, Lambda and TV Addons Fusion Repository is the real successor of the GENESIS add-on. The look is a little different with a new skin, the functionality though is the same-old-perfect of the Genesis…

Redemption Build, Clean, Fast & Complete Build, 2016 Edition by CM

The previously named CM Build that a lot of yoy loved and kept asking where to find is back with a new wizard and a new name: Redemption! Based on the CCM Helix, in just under 400mb brings awesomeness in your screens! The best selections between…

Velocity Kids Add-on Companion, Approve What Your Kids Watch! 2016

Velocity and Velocity Kids are two excellent add-ons by Blazetamer that combined together can dive you extra features! You can protect your Kids content by creating an approved selection of Movies and TV Shows even on a different device! In…

The Blackbeard Complete Family Build by Touchtone just under 500mb!

The Blackbeard is a complete family build created by Touchtone just under 500mb based on the AEON NOX Silvo Mod and with many working addons about Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports and Kids! Also you can find ARES Wizard included which can…

VidTime HD Movies and TV Shows by VinManJSV - Insanely Fast Streams! 2016

This is a very fast and complete HD Movies and TV Shows addon with one click to watch function on very fast servers, gives the impression that the stream is a local file by the incredibile fast response you get when advancing the movie! To…

The Titan KODI Addon Revised: HD Movies, 3D Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries! 2016

The Titan Addon was first reviewed by me when was only just a beta release so it seemed only right to take a closer look now that is finished. And indeed with new collaborations, enriched content and new functionality is very much a Titan addon. Thousands…