World Cup 2018 Kick Off This guy will drive us nuts! Not only he has the best repo in the KODI 3rd party community but he can’t stop himself from releasing the best KODI addons around!!! Mr Blamo or just Blamo is an amazing developer and is really unstoppable, his repository is bringing the best KODI addons one after […]

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Xiaomi YI Sports Camera Footage 1080p 30fps 30 Mbps increase mod

Test footage from the Xiaomi YI Sports Camera with bitrate increased to 30Mbps, previously was at 11Mbps. You can download the modified firmware from dashtalk forum, huge thanks @ Reverend for creating this!Link:…

Snoring Loud!

Snoring very loud can wake you up!

Xiaomi YI Action Camera, the GOPRO killer, Unboxing & Quick Review

Unboxing and a brief review of the new action camera by Xiaomi, model YI which supports video 1080p @ 60FPS and a 155 wide angle lenses from SONY.I bought mine from…

Top Cydia Tweaks/Apps for iOS 8, 8.1 8.X, iPhone and iPad part5

Top cydia tweaks / apps for iOS8, iOS8.1 iPad part4: 1. Preference Organizer 2 FREE 2. AppHeads 4.99$ 3. KillBackground8 FREE 4. NC Date Customizer FREE 5. iCleaner FREEBe sure to check my previous recommendations of cydia tweaks:Part 4…

Top Cydia Tweaks/Apps for iOS 8, 8.X, iPhone and iPad part4

Top cydia tweaks / apps for iOS8, iOS8.1 iPad part4: 1. Social Duplicator 2 (IOS8) 1.99$ 2. Folder Enhancer 0.99$ 3. Centrum (iPad) 0.99$ 4. AuxGrabber FREE add this repo: 5. PrefDelete 0.99$Be sure to check my previous…

Easiest way to add the best cydia repositories, Top jailbreak repos the easy way!

This is the easiest way to add the best repositories for cydia on your jailbroken iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Just add one repository to rule them all!!!