This Android apk is a great Terrarium TV Alternative. With the Cinema APK or HDMovies apk you can stream online movies and tv shows, download or even save them as favorites. It has also a built-in Chromecast function, it can serve subtitles in different languages and also comes with a built-in player if you […]

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Raw Mini 2 HTPC Review by RAW Media

Review of the RAW Mini 2 HTPC by RAW Media which comes with a Linux version, pre-installed with KODI and LibreOffice. The base model has the following specifications: Intel Celeron Dual Core J1900 2.0 GHz (2.4 GHz burst, 2 MB cache) 2 GB…


cCloudTV has been around for a very long time and is one of the most stable addon for FREE IPTV! From the same developers we have also a new website about IPTV, which gives you the latest news on the IPTV scene. Get…

Watch Live Greek TV, Movies, TV shows, Cartoon, Documentaries on KODI - ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ 2016

The orginal Hellenic TV by Lambda has been forked by Twilight0 and now it's working again! Watch Free LIVE GREEK TV with this amazing addon! Also greek movies, tv shows, cartoon, documentaries, radio, sports and a lot more! Get the Twilight…

KODI Youtube Addon Repo: EASY Fix The Youtube Addon On KODI with Repository & Autoupdates! 2016

Fix the Youtube Addon on KODI for good with this very easy method and Repository! The addon is being updated frequently with fixes and new features so you will never face a problem again!Get it from Dimitrology Repo:…

Watch Free Live TV with Live Stream Player Android App / Apk

Live Stream Player is an excellent application for ANY Android device with which you can watch Live TV / IPTV Channels for FREE! Just download the application from the link down below and install it. Then search for your favorite TV Channel…

Neo TV IPTV Stalker Clone - 3rd party KODI addon - May 2016

Inside 4ndroid & Neo Underground have released an all new IPTV Stalker Clone on KODI / SPMC! As always using the addon isn't pain free but it works and it is free! The usual user interface with all the channels from USA, Latino, UK and…