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https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tTzy8qiaNs0/hqdefault.jpg We have so many and good addons on KODI and this Free Live TV KODI 2018 addon is just a great example. One of the best free tv kodi addon on 2018 is without doubt the Aragon Live addon from the Mr Blamo Repository. The Aragon Live addon for KODI is a third party […]

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Movie Studios Sue Founder & Distributors of Popular ‘Pirate’ App Showbox

For many years media companies have focused their anti-piracy efforts on pirate sites, including torrent and streaming portals. More recently, these efforts expanded to streaming boxes, with the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment…

Fully-Loaded Kodi Box Sellers Receive Hefty Jail Sentences

While users of older peer-to-peer based file-sharing systems have to work relatively hard to obtain content, users of the Kodi media player have things an awful lot easier. As standard, Kodi is perfectly legal. However, when augmented with…


A great promotion on Gearbest is online right now, a sale promotion of 2018's Best Mini PC that the super-store has to offer and the line-up is really amazing and with great prices as well. Not that the page is constantly been updated even though…

Phone Store Employee Sued For Promoting ‘Pirate’ App Showbox

In recent years, a group of select companies have pressured hundreds of thousands of alleged pirates to pay significant settlement fees, or face legal repercussions. Traditionally, the companies go after BitTorrent users, as they are easy…

Facebook User Pleads Guilty to Uploading Pirated Copy of Deadpool

Every day, hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to share photos, videos and other information. While most of the content posted on the site is relatively harmless, some people use it to share things they are not supposed to. A pirated…
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https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2v6FpC00wkA/hqdefault.jpgWhat should you expect from a Pop Up Event of a certain brand? I visited the OnePlus Pop Up 2018 event in Milan, Italy where the super-hyped company introduced the newest flagship killer,…