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Pro-Copyright Bias is Alive, Well, and Still Hiding the Full Story

In 2007, the movie The Man From Earth leaked on file-sharing networks, with unexpected results. Instead of proving nothing but damaging, the title gained almost universal praise, rocketing the sci-fi flick to stardom via word-of-mouth advertising. Director…

Corel Wrongly Accuses Licensed User of Piracy, Disables Software Remotely

While the majority of computing devices come with sophisticated operating systems installed, users will almost certainly need to buy additional software to meet their needs. Open Source software can usually be obtained for free but millions…

Android 8.1 2GB/16GB for Less Than $20!

An incredible offer is right now live on Gearbest! The Alfawise A8 Android 8.1 TV Box is selling for $19.99 when you add the coupon code 1111alfawiseA8 just before you check-out!The Alfawise A8 TV Box is not a top performer, it is a budget…

Researchers Report Elsevier to EU Anti-Competition Authority

Academia certainly isn’t our prime focus here at TorrentFreak, but we have mentioned Elsevier repeatedly throughout the years. With a net income of roughly $3 billion and operating profits exceeding $1 billion, Elsevier is one of the…

Coupon For The Ai SE Game Box Android TV

A new and exciting product from Scishion, the Ai SE Game Box Smart Multimedia Player is out and we have an exclusive coupon to share with out readers from Gearbest! By using the coupon GBAISE when added to the cart and checking-out you get…

Lowest Price Ever: Sunvell T95Q 4GB/64GB Android 8.1 TV Box!

An amazing promotion from GearVita selling the Sunvell T95Q for a price lower than cost! By using the dedicated coupon 11ST95Q and just for 40 devices, you can buy the Sunvell T95Q for as low as $52.49 a price lower than the cost!This brand-new…